Ken C. J.Van Rees

Ken C. J. Van Rees

Acting Head, Director, Centre for Northern Agroforestry and Afforestation

Departments: Soil Science

Education: B.Sc.F. (Lakehead University), M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Florida)


My specialization is in forest soils. My research includes the agroforestry and biomass energy systems and their impacts on soils as well as understanding root dynamics in boreal ecosystems.

Selected Publications:

Corredor, A., K. van Rees and V. Vujanovic. 2013. Host genotype and health status influence on the composition of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Salix bioenergy plantations. Forest Ecology and Management (Accepted Dec 6, 2013).

Yannikos, N., P. Leinweber, B.L. Helgason, C. Baum, F.L. Walley, K.C. Van Rees. 2013. Imapct of Populus trees on the composition of organic matter and the soil microbial community in Orthic Gray Luvisols in Saskatchewan (Canada) Soil Biology and Biochemistry. (Accepted Dec 3, 2013).

Hangs R., J. Schoenau, K. Van Rees, N. Belanger and T. Volk. 2013. Leaf litter decomposition and nutrient release characteristics of several willow varieties within short-rotation coppice plantations in Saskatchewan, Canada. BioEnergy Research. (Accepted Nov 12, 2013).

Belanger, N., C. Carcaillet, G. Padbury, A. Schafer and K.C.J. Van Rees. 2013. Periglacial fires and trees in a continental setting of central Canada, Upper Pleistocene. Geobiology (Accepted Nov 6, 2013).

Hartemink, A.E., M.R. Balks, Z. Chen, P. Drohan, D. Field, P. Krasilnikov, D.J. Lowe, M. Rabenhorst, K.C.J. van Rees, P. Schad, L.A. Schipper, M. Sonneveld, and C. Walter. 2013. The joy of teaching soil science. Geoderma 217-218: 1-9.

Zha, T., A. Barr, P. Bernier, M. Lavigne, J.A. Trofymow, B. Amiro, J. Bhatti, A. Black, H. Margolis, H. McCaughey, Z. Xing, K. Van Rees, C. Coursolle. 2013, Gross and aboveground net primary production at Canadian forest carbon flux sites. Agricltural and Forest Meteorology 174-175: 54-64

Hang, R.D., J.J. Schoenau, K.C.J. Van Rees. 2012. A novel pre-treatment for rapidly separating willow roots from high clay content soil. Biomass and Bioenergy 46: 793-800.

Davis, E.L., C.P. Laroque and K.C. J. Van Rees. 2012. Evaluating the suitability of nine shelterbelt species for dendrochronological purposes in the Canadian Prairies. Agroforestry Systems 87: 713-727.

Hang, R., Stevenson, F.C., Schoenau, J. and Van Rees, K.C.J. 2012. Measuring harvestable biomass in short-rotation willow bioenergy plantations using light attenuatino. Bioenergy Research 6: 83-90.

Corredor, A., Van Rees, K. and Vujanovic, V. 2012. Changes in root-associated fungal assemblages within newly established clonal biomass plantations of Salix spp.Forest Ecology and Management 282: 105-114.

Courses Taught:

Lecture courses:

• Soil Science 460 – Forest Soils
• Soil Science 480 – Soils and Boreal Landscapes

Graduate courses:

• Soil Science 812 - Plant root systems and nutrient uptake
• Soil Science 898 - Ecosystems and Art