College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Crop utilization


Food and Bioproduct Sciences


  • Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
  • B.Sc. (Agriculture), University of Saskatchewan

Selected Publications

Podder, R., Khan, S.M., Tar'an, B., Tyler, R.T., Henry, C.J., Jalal, C., Shand, P.J., and Vandenberg, A.  2018. Sensory acceptability of iron-fortified red lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) Dal.  Journal of Food Science, 83(3): 804-813.

Lam, A.C.Y., Warkentin, T.D., Tyler, R.T., and Nickerson, M.T.  2017.  Physicochemical and functional properties of protein isolates obtained from several pea cultivars.  Cereal Chemistry, 94(1): 89-97.

Yovchev, A., Briggs, C.E., Stone, A.K., Scanlon, M.G., Tyler, R.T., Hucl, P.J., and Nickerson, M.T.  2017.  Interrelationships of Flour, Dough, and Bread Properties Under Reduced Salt Level Conditions.  Cereal Chemistry, 94(4): 760-769.  

Haileslassie, H.A., Henry, C.J., and Tyler, R.T.  2016.  Impact of household food processing strategies on antinutrient (phytate, tannin and polyphenol) contents of chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L.) and beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.): a review.  International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 51(9): 1947-1957.

Stone, A.K., Karalash, A., Tyler, R.T., Warkentin, T.D., and Nickerson, M.T.  2015.  Functional attributes of pea protein isolates prepared using different extraction methods and cultivars.  Food Research International, 76: 31-38.

Dahl, W.J., Foster, L.M., and Tyler, R.T.  2012.  Review of the health benefits of peas (Pisum sativum L.).  British Journal of Nutrition, 108(S1): S3-S10.

Emami, S., Perera, A., Meda, V., and Tyler, R.T.  2012.  Effect of microwave treatment on starch digestibility and physico-chemical properties of three barley types.  Food and Bioprocess Technology, 5(6): 2266-2274.

Hood‐Niefer, S.D., Warkentin, T.D., Chibbar,, R.N., Vandenberg, A., and Tyler, R.T.  2011.  Effect of genotype and environment on the concentrations of starch and protein in, and the physicochemical properties of starch from, field pea and fababean.  Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 92(1): 141-150.

Hood-Niefer, S.D. and Tyler, R.T.  2010.  Effect of protein, moisture content and barrel temperature on the physicochemical characteristics of pea flour extrudates.  Food Research International, 43(2): 659-663.

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