Scholarships and Awards

There are thousands of dollars in awards available for undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources!

Have a question about awards, application process or eligibility?

Entrance Awards

These are university centrally administered awards and are based on your average entering the university.  Students must apply for admission before the February 1 deadline for the upcoming year.

Competitive Entrance

Apply for these awards when you apply for admission. Renewable entrance awards can be renewed in following years and are based on a maintenance of 70% average and full time registration.

Guaranteed Entrance

You do not have to apply for these awards. There is a set amount available based on your average.

Transfer Awards

These are university centrally administered awards, and are based on your average entering the university. Students transferring from another college on campus or post-secondary institution are eligible to apply. 

Applications must be submitted to the college by June 1 for the upcoming year.

Continuing Scholarships

These scholarships are for students who were enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources full time in the current year and will continue on in the college in the upcoming year (for example, you are in a minimum of 24 credits this year and plan to be registered next year).

These awards are based on academic performance and, depending on individual awards, may be based on the program that a student is registered in.

Apply for these awards in the Scholarships tab on your PAWS account starting in March.

Bursary and Fall Awards


These are awards based on financial need. They require a student to fill out the financial need application and submit supporting documentation as required.

Fall Awards

These are awards based on academic achievement and/ or the merits of a submitted statement and are awarded at the start of the fall semester.

Apply to these awards on your PAWS account starting in August.

Travel Grants

Education Enhancement Grants

Education Enhancement Grants are available to assist students who wish to participate in worthwhile educational experiences. Activities may include, but are not limited to: conference registration or travel; travel to other locations for course work or experiential learning purposes; costs incurred as part of team projects or special topics courses; academic exchanges with other institutions.

The W. Murray Riddell and Betty C. Riddell Scholarship for International Experience provides support and assistance to recognize academic performance of deserving students continuing their undergraduate degree studies within the College of Agriculture and Bioresources to provide exposure to out-of-country or international experiences.

External Scholarships and Awards

Industry and other organizations may offer scholarships and awards independent of the U of S and college. 

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Student Scholarship

Agribition Scholarships


Unsure what some of the scholarship and awards terms mean? Check out the glossary for more information.