College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Breeding and genetics of field pea and soybean crops
  • Pulse crops
  • Disease resistance
  • End-use quality
  • Genomics


Plant Sciences, Crop Development Centre

Research Interests

My main focus is plant breeding of pea cultivars for western Canada, as well as research related to improving the pea crop in terms of disease resistance and end-use quality using conventional and genomic approaches.  I also lead a program on soybean breeding for the short season regions of western Canada.


Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan 
M.Sc. University of Manitoba 
B.S.A. University of Manitoba

Selected Publications

SO Awodele, KK Gali, NT Sivachandra Kumar, D De Silva, S Chatterton, S Banniza, TD Warkentin. 2024. Evaluation of pea accessions differing in flower and seed coat pigmentation for resistance to Fusarium avenaceum root rot. Legume Science 6(2), e230.

LK Dhillon, R Chandnani, A Nakhforoosh, T Qin, K Panjvani, JA Feurtado, L Kochian, TD Warkentin. 2024. Evaluation of variation in seedling root architectural traits and their potential association with nitrogen fixation and agronomic traits in field pea accessions. Crop Science 64(3), 1619-1638. IF: 2.3

KK Gali, A Jha, B Tar’an, J Burstin, G Aubert, D Bing, G Arganosa, TD Warkentin. 2024. Identification of QTLs associated with seed protein concentration in two diverse recombinant inbred line populations of pea. Frontiers in Plant Science 15, 1359117. IF: 4.1

CU Zanetta, KK Gali, MY Rafii, JN Jaafar, B Waluyo, TD Warkentin, SI Ramlee. 2024. Dissecting genetic variation and association mapping for agro-morphological traits under high temperature stress in pea (Pisum sativum L.). Euphytica 220(2), 23. IF: 2.1

F Cheng, Y Ren, TD Warkentin, Y Ai. 2024. Heat-moisture treatment to modify structure and functionality and reduce digestibility of wrinkled and round pea starches. Carbohydrate Polymers 324, 121506. IF: 11.2

J Zhou, Z Wan, KK Gali, AB Jha, M Nickerson, JD House, B Tar’an, TD Warkentin. 2023. Quantitative Trait Loci associated with amino acid concentration and in vitro protein digestibility in pea (Pisum sativum L.). Frontiers in Plant Science 14, 1083086. IF: 4.1

JC Hooker, M Nissan, D Luckert, M Charette, G Zapata, F Lefebvre, RM Mohr, KA Daba, TD Warkentin, AJ Glenn, B Barlow, A Hou, A Golshani, ER Cober ER, B Samanfar. 2023. A multi-year, multi-cultivar approach to differential expression analysis of high- and low-protein soybean (Glycine max).  International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24(1), 222. IF: 5.6

S Huang, KK Gali, GC Arganosa, B Tar’an, RA Bueckert, TD Warkentin. 2023. Breeding indicators for high-yielding field pea under normal and heat stress environments. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 103(3), 259-269.  IF: 1.5

S Huang, H Zhang, R Purves, RA Bueckert, B Tar’an, TD Warkentin. 2022. Comparative analysis of heat-stress-induced abscisic acid and heat shock protein responses among pea varieties.  Crop Science 63(1), 139-150. IF: 2.3

LK Dhillon, D Lindsay, C Yang, H Zakeri, B Tar’an, JD Knight, TD Warkentin. 2022. Evaluation of biological nitrogen fixation potential of pea lines derived from crosses with nodulation mutants. Field Crops Research 289, 108731. IF: 5.8

Awards and Medals

Dean’s Award for Research Excellence, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, 2016
Pulse Promoter Award, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, 2014
North American Pulse Improvement Award, Outstanding Achievement Award, 2013

Past and Current Funding Sources

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
Saskatchewan Pulse Development Commission
Western Grains Research Foundation
Alberta Pulse Growers
Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers
Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance
Pulse Crops (Canada) Association
SeCan Association
Genome Canada, Genome Alberta, Genome Quebec
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
National Research Council of Canada