If you are a new student to the university, your transfer credits will be determined after the University has received the complete transcript of your academic record from the sending institution, and has evaluated them.

The College of Agriculture and Bioresources accepts transfer credit from other colleges or institutions for courses that apply to your program of choice. Not all transfer credit will necessarily apply to the program you have been admitted to.

Once your transcripts have been evaluated you are advised to meet with an academic advisor to determine the number of credits that will apply to your program.

The College of Agriculture and Bioresources is currently reviewing its policies surrounding transfer credit for completed diploma programs from post-secondary institutions. Transfer agreements are being developed to allow block transfer of credit into specified majors in the college. In some cases minimum average requirements in the diploma may be in place.

Students at selected institutions can apply for block transfer credit to specific programs in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources. For information on programs and transfer credit in general, please contact AgBio Student Services at agbio.studentservices@usask.ca