College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Crop growth and yield response to environmental factors
  • Yield formation processes in field crops


Plant Sciences


Ph.D. (University of Arkansas);
MSc. (university of Arkansas);
B.Sc. (Reading University, UK)

Selected Recent Publications

L. Li, R.A. Bueckert, Y. Gan and T.D. Warkentin. 2008. Light Interception and Radiation Use Efficiency of Fern-Leaf and Unifoliate-Leaf Chickpea Cultivars. Canadian Journal of Plant Science. In press.

Y. Anbessa, T.D. Warkentin, R.A. Bueckert, and A. Vandenberg. 2007. Short Internode, Double Podding and Early Flowering Effects on Maturity and Other Agronomic Traits. Field Crops Research, 102:43-50.

Y. Anbessa, T.D. Warkentin, R.A. Bueckert, A. Vandenberg and Y. Gan. 2007. Post-Flowering Dry Matter Accumulation and Partitioning and Timing of Crop Maturity in Chickpea in Western Canada. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 87:233-240.

R.A. Bueckert, E.B. Lefol, and B.L. Harvey. 2007. Early Detection of Non-Visible Sprouting in Barley Seed Using Rapid Viscosity Analysis. Canadian Journal Plant Science. 87:3-12.

T.G. Hanlan, R.A. Ball(Bueckert), and A. Vandenberg. 2006. Canopy Growth and Biomass Partitioning in Short-Season Lentil. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 86:"149-156.


PLSC222 Introduction to Field Crops
PLSC417 Crop Physiology
PLSC898 Crops and Climate Change