We will advance the responsible use of land, water and bioresources to provide products and services that enhance the quality of life for the people of Saskatchewan and around the world. 


Adapting to uncertain environmental and socioeconomic climates and ensuring food and water security for a rapidly growing global population are the biggest challenges humanity has faced. By focusing on adapting to changing environments, AgBio can promote the resilience the world needs to address environmental and social change, and ensure food security, water security and soil security at local, national and global scales. We will focus our resources, and revise our faculty standards, to support our priority activities. 

In this changing environment, the only strategy for success is to readjust our thinking, our teaching and our research to this new reality. We will develop new approaches to understand our physical world, and to providing knowledge, products and human capacity. 

Our goals for 2025 support the University of Saskatchewan pillars of Discovery, Teaching and Learning, Engagement and Indigenization. 


Lead and facilitate 
sustainable agriculture and environmental research, teaching and outreach. 



Support and prepare
learners to undertake leadership roles in a sustainable bioeconomy. 



Grow and diversify 
our research ecosystem to better address contemporary and emerging priorities. 



Expand and deepen 
our connections to Indigenous communities. 


The College of Agriculture and Bioresources strategic plan is aligned with the University of Saskatchewan’s strategic plan 2025 and ambition to be the university the world needs.