College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Agribusiness management
  • Cost of production
  • Financial analysis of cow-calf and forage practices and technologies
  • Factors influencing practice and technology adoption


Agricultural and Resource Economics

Research Interests

My research program focuses on factors influencing the (dis)adoption of practices and technologies, cost of production and financial assessment of emerging and proven practices and technologies for cow-calf producers. I am also the provincial liaison for the Canadian Cost of Production Network.


• M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics), University of Saskatchewan
• B.Sc. (Agricultural Economics), University of Saskatchewan

Selected Publications

Agnew, Joy, Charley Sprenger, Zach Kendel, Paul G. Jefferson, Garry Hnatowich, Jessica Weber-Enns, Lana Shaw, Jessica Slowski, Mike Hall and Kathy Larson. 2022. The effect of nitrogen fertility rate and seeding rate on yield, nutritive value and economics of forage corn in a low corn heat unit region of Western Canada. Field Crops Research. Vol 283.

Breeanna Kelln, Gregory B. Penner, Surya N. Acharya, Tim A. McAllister, Kathy Larson, John McKinnon, Bill Biligetu, and Herbert A. Lardner. 2021. Effect of sod-seeding bloat-free legumes on pasture productivity, steer performance, and production economics. Canadian Journal of Animal Science.

Wennekamp, T.R., C.W. Waldner, S. Parker, M.C. Windeyer, K. Larson and J.R. Campbell. 2021. Biosecurity practices in western Canadian cow-calf herds and their association with animal health. Canadian Veterinary Journal. 62(7):712-718.

Peprah, S., D. Damiran, D., B. Biligetu, K. Larson, A. Iwaasa, and H.A. Lardner. (2021) Evaluation of cool-season binary mixtures as pasture: herbage and nutrient yield, nutritive value, botanical composition, estimated dry matter intake and herbage utilization, and beef cattle performance. Livestock Science. 248.

Jose, D., K. Larson, J.J. McKinnon, G.B. Penner, D. Damiran and H.A. (Bart) Lardner. (2020). Effect of winter-feeding system on beef cow performance, ruminal fermentation, and system costs. Applied Animal Science. Vol 36(5): 731-744.

Damiran, D., K. Larson, L. Pearce, N. Erickson, and H. A. Lardner. 2018. Effect of calving period on beef cow longevity and lifetime productivity in western Canada. Sustainable Agriculture Research 7(4):11-17.

Selected Awards

Professor of the Year, AgBio Students Association, 2020.

Courses Taught

ASKI 104: Intro to Management Issues (2023)

AREC 320/222: Intro to Farm Business Management (Fall 2020, Fall 2021)

AREC 428: Case Studies in Agribusiness Management (Fall 2019)