College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Experiential learning
  • Soil science education
  • Professional teaching collaborations

Brief Biography

I was born and raised in southern Saskatchewan. In addition to my university education (which includes training in physical anthropology and archaeology) I have worked as an exploration geologist in Northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the NWT, and as a geological technician in the oil fields of Alberta. My work experience also includes two years as an agronomist and two years in university administration. I like traveling, especially experiencing landscapes as much as the people and places within them.


Soil Science, College Administration

Other Affiliations/positions

  • Advisor: Renewable Resource Management Program – Resource Science
  • Professional Agrologist (PAg): Saskatchewan Institute of Agrology
  • Co-chair: Soil Science Education Committee, Canadian Society of Soil Science
  • Member: Soil Science Society of America
  • Member: Canadian Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Member: Buffalo Circle, University of Saskatchewan

Research Interests

My past research has included spatial relationships of nitrogen availability indices, spatial and temporal relationships of soil nitrous oxide emissions, and the translocation of soil due to tillage. Currently I am using my position to explore teaching concepts and application of assessment relevant to experiential learning; well suited to soil science and environmental education. I am also interested in pedology, land use and Saskatchewan landscapes.

Areas of specialization

Soil Description/Classification and Mapping; Delineation and Mapping of Ecosites; Saskatchewan Landscapes; Experiential Learning


Ph.D. (Soil Science) University of Saskatchewan

M.Sc. (Soil Science) University of Saskatchewan

B.Sc. (Geology) University of Saskatchewan

Selected Recent Publications

Masse, J., T. Yates, M. Krzic, A.Unc, Z.C. Chen, S. Quideau, K. Hodgson, C.J. Warren. 2019. Identifying learning outcomes for a Canadian pedology field school: addressing the gap between new graduates’ skills and the needs of the current job market. Canadian Journal of Soil Science. (no pages yet) DOI: 10.1139/cjss-2019-0040 

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Yates, T. 2012. Discovery, Integration, Communication and Engagement: Learning through scaffolds in a field-based undergraduate course in Renewable Resource Management. Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, 5:167-171.

Selected Awards

Natural Sciences Education Journal Outstanding Reviewer Award

Provost College Award for Outstanding Teaching

North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Teaching Award of Merit


RRM 215.3 Identification of Saskatchewan Plants and Soils

RRM 301.9 Field Course in Renewable Resource Management

RRM 323.2 Resource Data and Environmental Modeling

RRM 421.6 Group Project in Renewable Resource Management