Picture of  Takuji Tanaka

Takuji Tanaka Professor

4E20 - Agriculture Building

Research Area(s)

  • Enzyme structure-function relationship studies
  • Enzyme utilization in food and bioproduct processing


Food and Bioproduct Sciences


  • Ph.D., Kyoto University, Japan
  • M.Sc., Kyoto University, Japan
  • B.Sc., Kyoto University, Japan

Selected Publications

Chen, J.A. & Tanaka, T. (2011) Charged residues on a flap-loop structure of Lactococcus lactis prolidase play critical roles in allosteric behavior and substrate inhibition. BBA Proteins Proteomics 1814 1677-1685

Khan, N.H., Kang, T.S., Grahame, D.A.S., Haakensen, M.C., Ratanapariyanuch, K., Reaney, M.J., Korber, D.R. & Tanaka, T. (2012) Isolation and Characterization of Novel 1,3-Propanediol-Producing Lactobacillus panis PM1 from Bioethanol Thin Stillage. Appl Microbiol; Biotech 97: 417-428

Kang, T.S., Korber, D.R. & Tanaka, T. (2013) Regulation of Dual Glycolytic Pathways for Fructose Metabolism in Heterofermentative Lactobacillus panis PM1. Appl Environ Microbiol 79(24): 7818-7826

Huang, Y. & Tanaka, T. (2014) Characterization of two putative prolinases (PepR1 and PepR2) from Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1: Occurrence of two isozymes with structural similarity and different catalytic properties. BBA Proteins Proteomics 1854: 91-100

Kang, T.S., Korber, D.R. & Tanaka, T. (2014) Metabolic engineering of a glycerol oxidative pathway in Lactobacillus panis PM1 to utilize bioethanol thin stillage: Potential to produce platform chemicals from glycerol. Appl Environ Microbiol 80: 7631-7639


Undergraduate courses:

  • FABS 474 Food Enzymology
  • FABS 371 Food Biotechnology
  • FABS 401 Dairy Science and Technology
  • AGRC 112 Agriculture Science II

Graduate courses:

  • FDSC 874 Industrial Applications of Enzymes