College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Enzyme structure-function relationship studies
  • Enzyme utilization in food and bioproduct processing
  • Fermentation to modify the properties of legume products
  • Valorization of nutrients from agro-byproducts using insects


Food and Bioproduct Sciences


  • Ph.D., Kyoto University, Japan
  • M.Sc., Kyoto University, Japan
  • B.Sc., Kyoto University, Japan

Selected Publications

Xu, S., Grochulski, P., & Tanaka, T. (2024) Structural basis for the allosteric behaviour and substrate specificity of Lactococcus lactis Prolidase, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics, 1872, 141000,

Warnakulasuriya S.N., Tanaka T., & Wanasundara, J.P.D. (2024) Canola meal valorization via acid hydrolysis to generate free amino acids. J Am Oil Chem Soc., 101, 41–57. 

Mookerjee, A., Nickerson, M., & Tanaka, T. (2024). Improving the techno-functionality of air-classified pea flour fine fraction by enzymatic proteolysis, followed by Maillard-induced conjugation with available carbohydrates in the flour. Cereal Chemistry, 101, 99–119.

Thirulogasundar, A., Shi, D., Stone, A.K. et al. Effect of enzyme hydrolysis on the functionality, protein quality, and flavour profile of lentil and chickpea protein isolates. Food Measure 18, 1592–1609 (2024).

Khorsandi, A., Stone, A. K., Shi, D., Xu, C., Das, P. P., Lu, Y., Rajagopalan, N., Tanaka, T., Korber, D. R., & Nickerson, M. T. (2024). Physicochemical and functional properties of fermented pea and navy bean protein isolates. Cereal Chemistry, 101, 231–247.

Khorsandi, A., Shi, D., Stone, A. K., Bhagwat, A., Lu, Y., Xu, C., Das, P. P., Polley, B., Akhov, L., Gerein, J., Han, X., Bhowmik, P., Zaharia, L. I., House, J. D., Rajagopalan, N., Tanaka, T., Korber, D. R., & Nickerson, M. T. (2024). Effect of solid-state fermentation on the protein quality and volatile profile of pea and navy bean protein isolates. Cereal Chemistry, 101, 131–143.

Batbayar, B., Kryachko, Y., Nickerson, M. T., Korber, D. R., & Tanaka, T. (2023). Solid-state and submerged fermentation effects on functional properties of pea protein-enriched flour. Cereal Chemistry, 100, 1092–1105.

Mookerjee, A. & Tanaka, T. (2023) "Influence of enzymatic treatments on legume proteins for improved functional and nutritional properties: expansion of legume protein utilization as food ingredients" Current Opinion in Food Science, 49, 100974,

Li C, Shi D, Stone AK, Wanasundara JPD, Tanaka T, Nickerson MT. Effect of canola meal fermentation and protein extraction method on the functional properties of resulting protein products. J Am Oil Chem Soc. 2023; 100, 437–448.

Tang, Y.-R., Stone, A.K., Wang, Y., Jafarian, Z., Zhou, L., Kimmel, J., House, J.D., and Tanaka, T. and Nickerson, M. (2023) Effects of Enzyme Treatments on the Functionality of Commercial Pea and Pea Blended Protein Ingredients. Food Bioscience, 53, 102838

Li, C., Shi, D., Stone, A.K., Wanasundara, J.P.D., Tanaka, T., Nickerson, M.T. (2023) Effect of solid-state fermentation on select antinutrients and protein digestibility of cold-pressed and hexane-extracted canola meals, J Am Oil Chem Soc., 100, 529–538.

Kryachko, Y., Tanaka, T., Nickerson, M. T., & Korber, D. R. (2023). Novel biotechnological approaches to improving aromas and flavours of legume-derived food products. Cereal Chemistry, 100, 556–566.

Gulsunoglu Z, Aravind S, Bai Y, Wang L, Kutcher HR, Tanaka T. (2019) Deoxynivalenol (DON) Accumulation and Nutrient Recovery in Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens) Fed Wheat Infected with Fusarium spp. Fermentation. 5, 83.


Undergraduate courses:

  • FABS 474 Food Enzymology
  • FABS 371 Food Biotechnology
  • FABS 401 Dairy Science and Technology
  • FABS 345 Unit Operation in Food Processing
  • FABS 222 Improving Food Security through Food Science and Technology

Graduate courses:

  • FDSC 874 Industrial Applications of Enzymes
  • FDSC 845 Advanced Food Processing
  • FDSC 871 Enzyme Applications in Food Chain