College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Nutritional physiology and intestinal microbial ecology
  • Functional foods and feeds
  • Molecular microbial ecology
  • Gnotobiology


Animal and Poultry Science


  • Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
  • B.Sc.(Agr.), Nova Scotia Agricultural College (Dalhousie University)

Selected Publications

Pasternak, J. A., C. Kent-Dennis, A. G. Van Kessel and H. L. Wilson (2015). Claudin-4 Undergoes Age-Dependent Change in Cellular Localization on Pig Jejunal Villous Epithelial Cells, Independent of Bacterial Colonization." Mediators of Inflammation. Volume 2015 (2015), Article ID 263629, 14 pages (

Richter J. F.,  R. Pieper,  S. Zakrzewski,  M. Fromm,  J. D. Schulzke,  A.G. Van Kessel. 2014. Diets high in fermentable protein and fiber alter epithelial tight junction composition with only minor effect on barrier function in piglet colon.  British Journal of Nutrition 111:1040-1049.

Cheled-Shoval, S. L., N. S. W. Gamage, E. Amit-Romach, R. Forder, J. Marshal, A. Van Kessel and Z. Uni 2014. Differences in intestinal mucin dynamics between germ-free and conventionally reared chickens after mannan-oligosaccharide supplementation. Poultry Science 93: 636-644.

Kröger S. R. Pieper, H.G. Schwelberger, J. Wang, J.R. Aschenbach, A.G. Van Kessel, J. Zentek. 2013. Diets high in low digestible fermentable protein reduce histamine-induced epithelial response in the colon of weaned piglets and increase epithelial catabolism of histamine. PLOS One (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0080612).

Collins, S. A., G. S. Mansfield, A. R. Desai, A. G. Van Kessel, J. E. Hill and M. D. Drew 2013. Structural equation modeling of antinutrients in rainbow trout diets and their impact on feed intake and growth. Aquaculture 416: 219-227.

L.W. Thomson, R. Pieper, J.K. Marshall, A.G. Van Kessel. 2012. Effect of wheat DDGS or sugar beet pulp on prevalence of Salmonella enterica Typhimurium in weaned pigs. Journal of Animal Science 90(Supplement 4):13-15. DOI:10.2527/jas53739


Undergraduate courses: 

  • ANBI 110 - Introductory Animal Bioscience
  • ANBI 375 - Animals and the Environment
  • ANBI 470 - Applied Animal Biotechnology
  • ANBI 492 - Literature Thesis in Animal Bioscience 
  • ANBI 494 - Research Thesis in Animal Bioscience

Graduate courses: 

  • ANSC 820 - Energetics and Micronutrient Nutrition
  • ANSC 870 - Applied Animal Biotechnology
  • VBMS 828 - Gastrointestinal Physiology