College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Livestock transport
  • Animal welfare
  • Livestock production


Animal and Poultry Science, College Administration

Research Interests

- Welfare of farm animals (cattle, swine, and poultry) during transport
- Energy demand in livestock production
- Poultry production and welfare
- Weed detection in densely seeded crops


B.Sc.A.E. (Manitoba)
M.Sc. (Manitoba)
Ph.D. (California)

Selected Recent Publications

L. Liu, T.G. Crowe and M. Roberge. (2009). Sensor-based Scouting Algorithms for Automatic Sampling Tasks in Rought and Large Unstructured Agricultural Fields. Transactions of the ASABE. 52(1):285-294.

S.D. Noble, A. Boere, T. Kondratowicz, T.G. Crowe, R.B. Brown and D.A. Naylor. 2008. Characterization of a low-cost diffuse reflectance coating. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 34(2): 68-76.

N.D. Dyck, T.G. Crowe, J.J. McKinnon and H.R.Ingleby. 2007. Feed prediction and management software for beef feedlots - Technical Note, Canadian Biosystems Engineering. 49:7.11-7.16.

D. Downey, T.G. Crowe, D.K. Giles and D.C. Slaughter. 2006. Direct nozzle injection of pesticide concentrate into continuous flow for intermittent spray applications. Transactions of the ASAE. 49(4):865-873.

V.L. Nelson, T.G. Crowe, M.A. Shah and L.G. Watson. 2006. Temperature and turning energy of composting feedlot manure at different moisture contents in southern Alberta. Canadian Biosystems Engineering. 48:6.31-6.37.