Picture of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Richard S. Gray

Richard S. Gray Professor

Canadian Grain Policy Chair
Graduate Chair, Agricultural and Resource Economics

3E64 - Agriculture Building

Research Area(s)

  • Agricultural international trade
  • Land use
  • Risk and production economics
  • Food safety
  • Economics of nutrition
  • Agricultural marketing


Agricultural and Resource Economics

Research Interests

With the vast and growing body of empirical evidence of the returns to agricultural innovation and the scope for advances in genomics and digital mechanisation, I have become convinced that greater investments in the development of agricultural innovation systems is an important pathway for economic growth, and perhaps the only pathway for achieving environmentally sustainable global economic growth. For the past decade I have focused on the economics of research, intellectual property management, innovation systems.

Selected Publications

Awada, Lana, Gray R.S, and Cecil Nagy (forthcoming 2015 ). The Benefits and Costs of Zero Tillage RD&E on the Canadian Prairies . Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Ge, H., Gray, R., Nolan, J. 2015. Regulation, Complexity and Policy Change in a Modern Supply Chain: A Comparison of Simulated Handling Strategies Against Analytic ResultsInternational Journal of Production Economics 159, 208-220. 

Wu, Yunhua, Gray, R. S. and K. K. Klein 2015. Changing The Milk Marketing Channel In China After The Melamine Scandal: Impacts On Dairy Farmers’ Feed Inputs And Milk RevenuesInternational Journal of Research in Management, Economics and Commerce Volume 5 (3):p139-53.

Ge, H., Nolan, J. and Gray, R. 2014. Identifying Strategies to Mitigate Handling Risks in the Canadian Grain Supply ChainCanadian Journal of Agricultural Economics  doi: 10.1111/cjag.12039

Viktoriya Galushko and Richard Gray 2014. Twenty five years of private wheat breeding in the UK: Lessons for other countriesScience and Public Policy first published online March 11, 2014 doi:10.1093/scipol/scu004 pp.1-15.

Alston, J. M. and R.S. Gray, 2013.  Wheat Research Funding in Australia: The Rise of Public–Private–Producer PartnershipsEuroChoices, 12: 30–35. doi: 10.1111/1746-692X.12017 

Mohammad Shakeri and  Richard S. Gray 2013. The Industry Determinants of Exchange Rate Pass-Through into Canadian Producer Prices . International Journal of the Economics of Business 20 (1):15-38.

Brewin, D. G., Gray, R., & Karagiannis, G. 2012. Revisiting the Impact of Trade Liberalization and Mergers on the Malting Industry of North AmericaGerman Journal Of Agricultural Economics61(4): 244-253.

Bakhshi, S. and Gray, R. S. 2012. Acreage Response to Whole Farm Income Stabilisation ProgrammesJournal of Agricultural Economics 63: 385–407.

Galushko, V., R.S. Gray and  E. Oikonomou. 2012. Operating in an Intellectual Property World: Knowledge Sharing among Plant Breeders in CanadaCanadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 60 (3) 295-316.

Mohammad Shakeri, Richard S. Gray and Jeremy Leonard, 2012. Dutch Disease or Failure to Compete? A Diagnosis of Canada’s Manufacturing Woes.  IRPP Study #30 (May).

Gray, R. S. and S. Malla. 2011. Managing Public IP with Downstream Inter-firm Research Spillovers.  Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 59(4):475-91.

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Smyth, S. J. and R. S. Gray. 2010. Intellectual Property Sharing Agreements in Gene Technology: Implications for Research and CommercializationInternational Journal of Intellectual Property Management 4 (3): 179-190.

Galushko, V., R. Gray and S. J. Smyth. 2010. Resolving FTO Barriers in GM CanolaAgBioForum 13: 4: 360-369.


  • BPBE 315: Applied Micro Economics
  • BPBE 820: Applied Micro Economics
  • BPBE 851: Agricultural Policy and Institutions