College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Bovine molecular genetics
  • Genetics of development and disease in livestock species
  • Ocular genetics in livestock and companion animals
  • Genomics


Animal and Poultry Science


  • Ph.D., ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
  • M.Sc., University of Saskatchewan
  • B.Sc., University of Saskatchewan

Selected Publications

Asai-Coakwell, M., March, L., Dai, X.H., Duval, M., Lopez, I., French, C.R., Famulski, J., De Baere, E., Francis, P.J., Sundaresan, P., Sauvé, Y., Koenekoop, R.K., Berry, F.B., Allison, W.T., Waskiewicz, A.J., Lehmann, O.J.  2013.  Contribution of growth differentiation factor 6-dependent cell survival to early-onset retinal dystrophies.   Human Molecular Genetics, 22(7): 1432-1442. 

Ye, M., Berry-Wynne, K.M., Asai-Coakwell, M., Sundaresan, P., Footz, T., French, C.R., Abitbol, M., Fleisch, V.C., Corbett, N., Allison, W.T., Drummond, G., Walter, M.A., Underhill, T.M., Waskiewicz, A.J., and Lehmann, O.J.  2010.  Mutation of the bone morphogenetic protein GDF3 causes ocular and skeletal anomalies.  Human Molecular Genetics, 19(2): 287-298.

Asai-Coakwell, M., French, C.R., Ye, M., Garcha, K., Bigot, K., Perera, A.G., Staehling-Hampton, K., Mema, S.C., Chanda, B., Mushegian, A., Bamforth, S., Doschak, M.R., Li, G., Dobbs, M.B., Giampietro, P.F., Brooks, B.P., Vijayalakshmi, P., Sauvé, Y., Abitbol, M., Sundaresan, P., Heyningen, V.V., Pourquié, O., Underhill, T.M., Waskiewicz, A.J., Lehmann, O.J.  2009.  Incomplete penetrance and phenotypic variability characterize Gdf6-attributable oculo-skeletal phenotypes.  Human Molecular Genetics, 18(6): 1110-1121. 

Chanda, B., Asai-Coakwell, M., Ye, M., Mungall, A.J., Barrow, M., Dobyns, W.B., Behesti, H., Sowden, J.C., Carter, N.P., Walter, M.A., and Lehmann, O.J.  2008.  Human Molecular Genetics, 17(22): 3446-3458.

Asai-Coakwell, M., French, C.R., Berry, K.M., Ye, M., Koss, R., Somerville, M., Mueller, R., van Heyningen, V., Waskiewicz, A.J., and Lehmann, O.J.  2007.  GDF6, a novel locus for a spectrum of ocular developmental anomalies.  American Journal of Human Genetics, 80(2): 306-315. 

Asai, M., Berryere, T.G., and Schmutz, S,M.  2004.  The scurs locus in cattle maps to bovine chromosome 19.   Animal Genetics, 35: 34-39.