Welcome from the Dean!

Welcome to the College of Agriculture and Bioresources! Complete our 'First Steps' then check out 'What's Next'. Follow us on Instagram and X (twitter) @agbiousask to stay connected!

Important: Newly admitted AgBio undergraduate students starting in Fall Term 2024 are invited to an exclusive New to AgBio Sneak Peek Tour on Thurs. April 4 at 1 pm. Explore the college, meet professors, network with current students, try a hands-on learning activity, ask questions, and take the next step in growing your future with the College of AgBio! 

For more info and to register see this link.



New undergrad students starting in Fall Term 2024 should also register for U-Start. U-Start runs May 24 - June 15 with multiple session dates to fit your schedule. U-Start registration will open later this spring, stay tuned! 

If you have questions about the college's new student activities, please contact agbio.studentservices@usask.ca

First Steps


PAWS is where you’ll find information about registration, tuition and fees, scholarships, textbooks and more. Remember to check your USask email account regularly for information and announcements!


Class Schedule

Program planning

Start to build your class schedule. Familiarize yourself with the Course and Program Catalogue to research the classes you need for the program you are interested in.


Transfer students


Join us for a in-person and/or online U-Start session in the spring. U-Start is a pre-orientation to help new USask undergraduate students prepare for university. Meet your AgBio Student Services advisors and ask us any questions about your program, courses, or preparing for class registration. U-Start registration will open later this spring, stay tuned! 


Learning Communities

Sign up for a Learning Community. A Learning Community (LC) is a small group of first-year students who meet for one hour a week as a group guided by two successful upper-year student peer mentors.

Benefits of joining a LC:

  • Develop the skills you need to succeed in your new academic environment
  • Adapt to university expectations and campus life
  • Connect with students, alumni and professors who share common interest and/or goals – your academic social network

Another great Learning Community option for AgBio students is the Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways (ISAP) program. To sign up for ISAP, contact tmc@artsandscience.usask.ca.


Academic Advice

AgBio Student Services is here to help! You can book an online appointment with an AgBio Student Services advisor to discuss your program requirements, registration, choosing a major, your first year experience and more! Check our Academic Advice and Frequently Asked Questions pages for more info.

Class Registration

Check your class registration date and ensure you are ready to register.


Technology Recommendations

Please be aware that a laptop (rather than a tablet) may be required for some of the classes you will take in AgBio. Review AgBio’s technology recommendations to ensure that you purchase a device that will meet the requirements for university courses.


Virtual Tour

Watch our college tour video to familiarize yourself with campus.

What's Next

Welcome Activities 2024

Important: New AgBio undergraduate students starting in Fall Term 2024 should register for Fall Welcome activities. Fall Welcome registration will open later this summer, stay tuned! 


If you have questions about the college's welcome activities, please contact agbio.studentservices@usask.ca

Choose Your Major

If you have been admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.S.A.) or the Bachelor of Science in Renewable Resource Management (B.Sc. RRM) degree programs, you will need to declare your major by the end of your first year.

Tips to choose your major:

  • Research your major options
  • Meet with an AgBio Student Services advisor to find a major that meets your goals and interests
  • Participate in the Choose Your Major event in February. You will meet with upper year students to ask why they chose their major, learn about job opportunities and discuss minor options



Do you really need to buy your textbooks? Watch the video to see the Dean's answer!


Academic Support

Complete the interactive JumpStart Your Learning tutorial to prepare for your first term at USask. Check out the many resources and supports offered by Student Learning Services, including Study Skills Help, Writing Help, and Math and Stats Help.


Get Involved

There are many ways for you to get involved and meet new people, including joining an AgBio club! Attend our annual Club Day event in September to learn more about AgBio Clubs. Remember to take time to take care of yourself, meet new people and have fun. 


Build Your Career Network

Build your career network by:

  • Participating in the Agriculture and Bioresources Career Fair in Fall Term
  • Attending networking events and workshops on how to build your resume, ace your interviews and network with industry professionals
  • Connecting with industry through your courses, events and your professors to find summer employment early on - this can lead to continuous employment throughout your studies and can lead to your career
  • Taking the course AGRC 445: Experiential Learning in the Workplace in your third or fourth year of studies
  • Connecting with USask Career Services