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Patrick Lloyd-Smith Assistant Professor

101-121 Research Drive
3E76 - 51 Campus Drive


Agricultural and Resource Economics

Other Affiliations/positions

Global Institute for Water Security

Research Interests

Areas of specialization

  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Water Economics
  • Environmental Valuation
  • Consumer Behaviour


PhD, University of Alberta

MA, Toulouse School of Economics

BA (Hons.), Queen’s University

Selected Recent Publications

Lloyd-Smith, P, Schram, C, Adamowicz, W, Dupont D (forthcoming). “Endogeneity of Risk Perceptions in Averting Behavior Models” Environmental and Resource Economics[Link]

Lloyd-Smith, P (forthcoming). “A New Approach to Calculating Welfare Measures in Kuhn-Tucker Demand Models” Journal of Choice Modelling[Link]

Lloyd-Smith, P (forthcoming). “A Note on the Robustness of Aggregate Ecosystem Service Values” Ecological Economics[Link]

Lloyd-Smith, P (2017). “Controlling for Endogeneity in Attributable Costs of Vancomycin resistant enterococci from a Canadian Hospital” American Journal of Infection Control, 45(12): e161-e164. [Link]

Whittington, D, Adamowicz, W, Lloyd-Smith, P  (2017). “Asking Willingness-to-Accept Questions in Stated Preference Surveys: A Review and Research Agenda”  Annual Review of Resource Economics, 9.  [Link]

Lloyd-Smith, P, Younger, J, Lloyd-Smith, E, Green, H, Leung, V, Romney M (2013). “An Economic Analysis of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) at a Canadian Hospital: Assessing Attributable Cost and Length of Stay” Journal of Hospital Infections, 85: 54-59.   [Link]

Ochuodho, T, Lantz, V, Lloyd-Smith, P, Benitez, P (2012). “Regional Economic Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation in Canadian Forests: A CGE Modeling Analysis” Forest Policy and Economics, 25:100-112.  [Link]

Selected Awards

Funding Sources