Agricultural and Resource Economics

Picture of Kenneth W. Belcher

Kenneth W. Belcher Department Head (Agricultural and Resource Economics) and Professor

Research Area(s): Ecological economics, Resource and environmental economics, Environmental policy, Wetland and wildlife conservation policy

Picture of Richard S. Gray

Richard S. Gray Professor

Research Area(s): Risk and production economics, Economics of nutrition, Agricultural marketing, Grain transportation and other infrastructure, Agricultural innovation and research funding mechanisms

Picture of Jill E. Hobbs

Jill E. Hobbs Professor

Research Area(s): Economics of food safety, Quality and traceability, Supply chain relationships in the agri-food sector, Consumer behaviour

Picture of William A. (Bill) Kerr

William A. (Bill) Kerr Professor

Research Area(s): Primary competitiveness and productivity , Functional food processing, Bio-energy/bio-product development, Innovation systems analysis

Picture of Suren Kulshreshtha

Suren Kulshreshtha Professor

Research Area(s): Greenhouse gas emission mitigation, Drought economic impact assessment, Water resources and irrigation, Water resources and irrigation, Environmental valuation

Picture of David Natcher

David Natcher Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Research Area(s): Aboriginal land and resource management, Economic and environmental anthropology, Arctic and Subarctic North America

Picture of James Nolan

James Nolan Professor

Research Area(s): Regulatory economics, Computational economics, Transportation policy, Regional and urban economics

Picture of  Eric Micheels

Eric Micheels Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Farm financial management, Agribusiness marketing, Farm and agribusiness management

Picture of  Robert Roy

Robert Roy Associate Professor and Academic Advisor

Research Area(s): Agricultural economics, Marketing

Picture of  Stuart Smyth

Stuart Smyth Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Intersect of regulation and liability as it relates to innovation, Agricultural biotechnology

Picture of Sabine Liebenehm

Sabine Liebenehm Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Empirical analysis of longitudinal micro-level data, Lab-in-the-field experiments, Social networks, Socioeconomic impact assessment, Poverty and vulnerability analysis

Picture of  Patrick Lloyd-Smith

Patrick Lloyd-Smith Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Water and resource economics, non-market valuation, consumer behaviour, ecosystem services

Picture of  Tristan Skolrud

Tristan Skolrud Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Agri-environmental policy, Applied microeconomics, Farm-level decision making, Agricultural finance

Picture of  Peter Slade

Peter Slade Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Agricultural policy, Industrial organization, Productivity analysis, Social economics

Picture of  William J. (Bill) Brown

William J. (Bill) Brown Emeritus Professor

Research Area(s): Issues relating to farm and argibusiness management and planning