Plant Sciences

Picture of  Gene Arganosa

Gene Arganosa Research Officer

Research Area(s): Grain Quality testing of malting barley, Food/feed barley, pulses and specialty crops

Picture of  Yuguang Bai

Yuguang Bai Department Head (Plant Sciences) and Professor

Research Area(s): Grassland and forest ecology, Seed and seedbed ecology, Oilsands reclamation

Picture of  Robert (Bob) Baker

Robert (Bob) Baker Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Sabine Banniza

Sabine Banniza Professor (Sabbatical leave from October 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021)

Research Area(s): disease resistance in pulse crops and their wild relatives, root rots in pea and lentil, fungal pathogens on faba bean, Colletotrichum lentis on lentil

Picture of  Aaron Beattie

Aaron Beattie Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Barley and oat breeding

Picture of  Jonathan  Bennett

Jonathan Bennett Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Ecology and management of invasive species, Plant-soil feedbacks, Mycorrhizas, Plant diversity and ecosystem functioning, Functional traits and plant community assembly

Picture of Kirstin E. Bett

Kirstin E. Bett Professor

Research Area(s): Pulse crop genomics and dry bean breeding

Picture of  Bill Biligetu

Bill Biligetu Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Breeding and Genetics of Forage Crop Plants for the adaption to the Prairie region of western Canada.

Picture of  Robert H. (Bob) Bors

Robert H. (Bob) Bors Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Breeding fruit crops and adapting them for northern conditions and mechanical harvesting

Picture of  Maryse Bourgault

Maryse Bourgault Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Agronomy, Cropping Systems, Crop Physiology

Picture of Rosalind A. Bueckert

Rosalind A. Bueckert Professor

Research Area(s): Crop growth and yield response to environmental factors, Yield formation processes in field crops

Picture of Ravindra (Ravi) N. Chibbar

Ravindra (Ravi) N. Chibbar Professor

Research Area(s): Biochemical and molecular characterization of the genetic determinants of grain quality in cereal and pulse crops, Genomics

Picture of Kate Congreves

Kate Congreves Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Environmental Agronomy & Horticulture

Picture of  Gloria J. Gingera

Gloria J. Gingera Departmental Assistant-Communications, Plant Sciences/Crop Development Centre

Picture of  Vern Harms

Vern Harms Emeritus Professor

Picture of  F. A. (Rick) Holm

F. A. (Rick) Holm Emeritus Professor

Picture of Pierre J. Hucl

Pierre J. Hucl Professor

Research Area(s): Genetics and breeding of bread wheat for the short-season areas of Western Canada, Evaluation of alternative wheats and annual canarygrass

Picture of  Geoff Hughes

Geoff Hughes Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Leon Kochian

Leon Kochian Professor

Research Area(s): Plant mineral nutrition, Ion transport, Tolerance and adaptation to soil-based abiotic stresses, Root architecture, Root microbiome

Picture of  H. Randy Kutcher

H. Randy Kutcher Professor

Research Area(s): Stripe rust of wheat, Leaf spot diseases of wheat Barley and oat, Fusarium wilt of flax

Picture of Eric Lamb

Eric Lamb Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Mechanisms structuring plant community diversity and composition, Plant-soil interactions, Plant competition, Methods analyzing ecological data

Picture of Curtis J. Pozniak

Curtis J. Pozniak Professor and Director, Crop Development Centre

Research Area(s): Genetics, Breeding, Production and management of durum and high yielding wheat

Picture of Sean Prager

Sean Prager Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Entomology, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Vector Biology, Insect Ecology, Pollination Biology

Picture of Martin Reaney

Martin Reaney Professor

Research Area(s): Biodiesel production from canola oil

Picture of  Jim Romo

Jim Romo Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Brian Rossnagel

Brian Rossnagel Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Picture of  Tim Sharbel

Tim Sharbel Professor

Research Area(s): Apomixis, plant reproduction and evolutionary genomics, Asexual seed production, Genetics and evolution

Picture of Steve Shirtliffe

Steve Shirtliffe Professor

Research Area(s): Field crop agronomy, Crop Phenotyping, Crop Imaging, Precision Agriculture, Weed Science

Picture of  Al Slinkard

Al Slinkard Emeritus Professor

Picture of Karen Tanino

Karen Tanino Professor

Research Area(s): Plant abiotic stress physiology, Eco-physiology, Interactions of plants with the environment

Picture of  Bunyamin Tar'an

Bunyamin Tar'an Professor

Research Area(s): Breeding, Genetics and management of chickpea and flax

Picture of Albert Vandenberg

Albert Vandenberg Professor

Research Area(s): Genetics, Breeding, Production and management of lentil, fababean and special crops

Picture of Tom Warkentin

Tom Warkentin Professor

Research Area(s): Breeding and genetics of field pea & soybean crops