Soil Science

Picture of Sina Adl

Sina Adl Professor

Research Area(s): Soil biology, Protist diversity and systematics, Soil micro-invertebrates, Nutrient cycling, Food webs, Community structure, Microbial ecology

Picture of Melissa  Arcand

Melissa Arcand Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Biogeochemical cycling, Nutrient stewardship, Soil organic matter, Soil biodiversity, Soil ecology, Rhizosphere

Picture of  Angela K. Bedard-Haughn

Angela K. Bedard-Haughn Professor

Research Area(s): Applied pedology, Soils and global change, Wetland soils

Picture of  Maryse Bourgault

Maryse Bourgault Assistant Professor, WGRF Integrated Agronomy Research Chair

Research Area(s): Agronomy, Cropping Systems, Crop Physiology

Picture of  Richard E. Farrell

Richard E. Farrell Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Environmental agronomy, Quantification & mitigation of soil-derived greenhouse gases, Nutrient cycling & cropping systems

Picture of Bobbi Helgason

Bobbi Helgason Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Soil microbiology, Microbial ecology, Plant root-microbe interactions, Soil organic matter, Soil nutrient cycling, Agricultural management impacts on soil microorganisms

Picture of J. Diane Knight

J. Diane Knight Professor

Research Area(s): Nitrogen fixing plants in cropping systems, Legumes, Selection of rhizobial strains for legume species

Picture of Colin Laroque

Colin Laroque Professor (Sabbatical leave from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021)

Research Area(s): Dendochronology, Climate analysis

Picture of Derek Peak

Derek Peak Professor

Research Area(s): Using synchrotron radiation to perform phosphate speciation in soils, Oxyanion bonding mechanisms, Spectroscopy of metal-ligand complexes

Picture of Jeff Schoenau

Jeff Schoenau Professor

Research Area(s): Nutrient cycling and management, Soil fertility and fertilizers, Soil conservation and land use, Cropping systems, Herbicide fate in soil

Picture of Bing Si

Bing Si Professor

Research Area(s): Soil water dynamics, Thermal regimes in non-level landscapes, Hydrophobicity of soil materials, Soil water storage capacity

Picture of Steven Siciliano

Steven Siciliano Professor

Research Area(s): Soil toxicology, GHG production in Antarctic and Artic ecosystems, Nitrogen cycle in polar deserts

Picture of  Katherine Stewart

Katherine Stewart Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Restoration ecology, Remediation, Northern plant soil systems

Picture of  Ken C.J. Van Rees

Ken C.J. Van Rees Professor (Sabbatical leave from July 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)

Research Area(s): Forest soils, Agroforestry, Biomass energy systems, Root dynamics in boreal ecosystems

Picture of  Fran L. Walley

Fran L. Walley Professor

Research Area(s): Soil nitrogen dynamics, Synchrotron based techniques, Pulse crop agronomy, Impact of agrichemicals on biological dinitrogen fixation

Picture of  Tom Yates

Tom Yates Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Experiential learning, Soil science education, Professional teaching collaborations