Soil Science

Picture of Sina Adl

Sina Adl Professor

Research Area(s): Soil biology, Protist diversity and systematics, Soil micro-invertebrates, Nutrient cycling, Food webs, Community structure, Microbial ecology

Picture of Melissa  Arcand

Melissa Arcand Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Biogeochemical cycling, Nutrient stewardship, Soil organic matter, Soil biodiversity, Soil ecology, Rhizosphere

Picture of  Angela K. Bedard-Haughn

Angela K. Bedard-Haughn Dean and Professor

Research Area(s): Applied pedology, Soils and global change, Wetland soils

Picture of  Maryse Bourgault

Maryse Bourgault Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Agronomy, Cropping Systems, Crop Physiology

Picture of  Richard E. Farrell

Richard E. Farrell Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Environmental agronomy, Quantification & mitigation of soil-derived greenhouse gases, Nutrient cycling & cropping systems

Picture of Bobbi Helgason

Bobbi Helgason Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Soil microbiology, Microbial ecology, Plant root-microbe interactions, Soil organic matter, Soil nutrient cycling, Agricultural management impacts on soil microorganisms

Picture of J. Diane Knight

J. Diane Knight Professor

Research Area(s): Nitrogen fixing plants in cropping systems, Legumes, Selection of rhizobial strains for legume species

Picture of Colin Laroque

Colin Laroque Professor (Sabbatical leave from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021)

Research Area(s): Dendochronology, Climate analysis

Picture of Derek Peak

Derek Peak Professor

Research Area(s): Using synchrotron radiation to perform phosphate speciation in soils, Oxyanion bonding mechanisms, Spectroscopy of metal-ligand complexes

Picture of Jeff Schoenau

Jeff Schoenau Professor

Research Area(s): Nutrient cycling and management, Soil fertility and fertilizers, Soil conservation and land use, Cropping systems, Herbicide fate in soil

Picture of Bing Si

Bing Si Professor

Research Area(s): Soil water dynamics, Thermal regimes in non-level landscapes, Hydrophobicity of soil materials, Soil water storage capacity

Picture of Steven Siciliano

Steven Siciliano Professor

Research Area(s): Soil toxicology, GHG production in Antarctic and Artic ecosystems, Nitrogen cycle in polar deserts

Picture of  Katherine Stewart

Katherine Stewart Assistant Professor

Research Area(s): Restoration ecology, Remediation, Northern plant soil systems

Picture of  Ken C.J. Van Rees

Ken C.J. Van Rees Professor (Sabbatical leave from July 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)

Research Area(s): Forest soils, Agroforestry, Biomass energy systems, Root dynamics in boreal ecosystems

Picture of  Fran L. Walley

Fran L. Walley Associate Dean (Academic) and Professor

Research Area(s): Soil nitrogen dynamics, Synchrotron based techniques, Pulse crop agronomy, Impact of agrichemicals on biological dinitrogen fixation

Picture of  Tom Yates

Tom Yates Acting Department Head (Soil Science) and Associate Professor

Research Area(s): Experiential learning, Soil science education, Professional teaching collaborations