Picture of Eric Lamb

Eric Lamb Associate Professor

4D66 - Agriculture Building

Research Area(s)

  • Mechanisms structuring plant community diversity and composition
  • Plant-soil interactions
  • Plant competition
  • Methods analyzing ecological data


Plant Sciences


  • Ph.D., University of Alberta
  • M.Sc., Lakehead University
  • B.Sc., University of British Columbia 

Selected Publications

Mischkolz JM, Schellenberg MP, Lamb EG (2016) Assembling productive communities of native grass and legume species: finding the right mix. Applied Vegetation Science 19: 111-121.

Letts B, Lamb E, Mischkolz J, Romo J (2015) Litter accumulation drives grassland plant community composition and functional diversity via leaf traits. Plant Ecol 216: 357-370.

Piper C, Lamb E, Siciliano S (2015) Smooth brome changes gross soil nitrogen cycling processes during invasion of a rough fescue grassland. Plant Ecol 216: 235-246.

Piper CL, Siciliano SD, Winsley T, Lamb EG (2015) Smooth brome invasion increases rare soil bacterial species prevalence, bacterial species richness and evenness. J Ecol 103: 386-396.

Lamb EG, Mengersen KL, Stewart KJ, Attanayake U, Siciliano SD (2014) Spatially explicit structural equation modeling. Ecology 95: 2434-2442.


Undergraduate Courses:

  • PLSC 213 Plant Ecology
  • EVSC 380 Grassland Soils and Vegetation
  • PLSC 413 Advanced Plant Ecology

Graduate Courses:

  • PLSC 813 Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences
  • PLSC 833 Advanced Plant Ecology