College Administration

Picture of  Angela K. Bedard-Haughn

Angela K. Bedard-Haughn Professor

Research Area(s): Applied pedology, Soils and global change, Wetland soils

Picture of  Mary Buhr

Mary Buhr Professor

Research Area(s): Sperm physiology and its relationship to fertility and artificial insemination

Picture of  Trever Crowe

Trever Crowe Associate Member

Research Area(s): Livestock transport, Animal welfare, Livestock production

Picture of  Jordie Gagnon

Jordie Gagnon Senior Strategic Officer, Indigenous Programs and Partnerships

Picture of  Luke Muirhead

Luke Muirhead Facilities Strategic Business Advisor for the College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Picture of  Fran L. Walley

Fran L. Walley Professor

Research Area(s): Soil nitrogen dynamics, Synchrotron based techniques, Pulse crop agronomy, Impact of agrichemicals on biological dinitrogen fixation