College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Research Area(s)

  • Aquaculture nutrition
  • Companion animal nutrition


Animal and Poultry Science


  • Ph.D., University of British Columbia
  • B.Sc., University of Guelph

Selected Publications

Adolphe, J., Drew, M.D., Silver, T., Fouhse J., Childs H., Weber L.M., 2015. Effect of an extruded pea or rice diet on postprandial insulin and cardiovascular responses in dogs. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 99, 767–776.

Jennifer Adolphe, Drew MD, Childs H, Silver T, Weber LP 2014. Short-Term Obesity Results in Detrimental Metabolic and Cardiovascular Changes that may not be Reversed with Weight Loss in an Obese Dog Model. British Journal of Nutrition (in press).

Collins, S.A., Overland, M., Skrede, A., Drew, M.D., 2013. Effect of plant protein sources on growth rate in salmoninds: Meta-analysis of dietary inclusein of soybean, pea and canola/rapeseed meals and protein concentrates. Aquaculture 400-401, 85-100.

Stephanie A. Collins, Graeme S. Mansfield, Atul R. Desai, Andrew G. Van Kessel, Janet E. Hill, Murray D. Drew 2013. Structural equation modeling of antinutrients in rainbow trout diets and their impact on feed intake and growth Aquaculture 416-417:219-227

Jennifer Adolphe, Drew MD, Huang Q, Silver T, Weber LP 2013. Post-prandial impairment of flow-mediated dilation and elevated methylglyoxal after simple, but not complex, carbohydrate consumption in dogs. Nutrition Research: 32:278-284