Picture of  Breeanna Kelln

Breeanna Kelln Assistant Professor, Beef Industry Research Chair in Integrated Forage Management & Utilization

5E64 - Agriculture Building

Research Area(s)

  • Pasture Rejuvenation
  • Grazing Systems
  • Beef Cow Winter Feeding Systems
  • Forage and Pasture Management
  • Crop and Livestock Integration


Plant Sciences, Animal and Poultry Science

Brief Biography

Breeanna Kelln is the Beef Industry Research Chair in Integrated Forage Management and Utilization for the University of Saskatchewan where she holds a joint appointment in the departments of Plant Science and Animal & Poultry Science. Breeanna was raised on a mixed farm and where she continues to farm with her husband and son near Duval, Saskatchewan. For 15 years Breeanna worked in various industry roles involved in agronomy, livestock, and extension. Her PhD program focused on the inclusion of bloat-free legumes into existing pasture stands to improve productivity. This project used a systems approach to evaluate the effects of sod-seeded bloat-free legumes (sainfoin and cicer milkvetch) on pasture productivity, animal performance, rumen fermentation, greenhouse gas emissions, and system economics.

Research Interests

My research combines a broad lens on the soil-plant-animal interface, using a systems-based research approach. My research interests include ruminant nutrition, soil nutrient cycling, pasture management, winter feeding systems, greenhouse gas emissions and system economics. My program combines field and laboratory investigations using an interdisciplinary approach to understand how to optimize and enhance forage and beef production in dynamic biological systems. My main goal is to produce research that has a direct impact on the primary beef producer.


PhD (Animal and Poultry Science) University of Saskatchewan, 2022
MSc (Animal and Poultry Science) University of Saskatchewan, 2010
BSc (Animal and Poultry Science) University of Saskatchewan, 2005

Selected Recent Publications

Kelln, B.M., Penner, G.B., Acharya, S.N., McAllister, T.A., Larson, K., McKinnon, J.J., Biligetu, B and Lardner, H.A. 2021. Effect of sod-seeding non-bloat legumes on pasture productivity, steer performance, and production economics. Can. J. Anim. Sci. Can. J. Anim. Sci. 102: 352-367.

Kelln, B.M., Penner, G.B., Acharya, S.N., McAllister, T.A., and Lardner, H.A. 2020. Impact of condensed tannin containing legumes on ruminal fermentation, nutrition and performance in ruminants: a review. Can. J. Anim. Sci. 101:210-223.

Kelln, B.M., Lardner H.A., Schoenau, J., King, T. 2012. Effects of beef cow winter feeding systems, pen manure and compost on soil nitrogen and phosphorus amounts and distribution, soil density, and crop biomass. Nut. Cycl. Agroeco. 92:2. 183-194.

Kelln, B.M., Lardner, H.A., McKinnon, J.J., Campbell, J.R., Larson, K., Damiran, D. 2011. Effect of Winter Feeding System on Beef Cow Performance, Reproductive Efficiency and System Cost. Prof. Anim. Sci. 27:5. 410-421.