Bunyamin Tar'an

Associate Professor, Agri-Food Innovation Chair

Departments: Plant Sciences, Crop Development Centre


Ph.D (University of Guelph); MSc. (University of Guelph); BSc. (Sriwijaya University, Indonesia)


Breeding, genetics and management of chickpea

Courses Taught:

PLSC 333 Tropical Crops of the World
PLSC 416 Applied Plant Biotechnology

Selected Publications:

Tar’an, B., T. D. Warkentin and A. Vandenberg. 2013. Fast track genetic improvement of ascochyta blight resistance and double podding in chickpea by marker-assisted backcrossing. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 126(6):1639-1647.

Varshney,  R.K, Chi Song, Rachit K Saxena, Sarwar Azam, Sheng Yu, Andrew G Sharpe, Steven Cannon, Jongmin Baek, Bunyamin Tar'an, et al. 2013. Draft genome sequence of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) provides a resource for trait improvement. Nature Biotechnology 31: 240–246 (doi:10.1038/nbt.2491).

Jha, A.B.,  Thomas D. Warkentin, Valarmathi Gurusamy,  Bunyamin Tar’an and  Sabine Banniza. 2013. Identification of Mycosphaerella Blight Resistance in Wild Pisum Species for Use in Pea Breeding. Crop Science 52(6), p. 2462-2468.

Tar’an, B., F. Holm and S. Banniza. 2013. Response of Chickpea Cultivars to Pre- and Post-Emergence Herbicide Applications. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 93(2):279-287.

Jha, A.B., Arganosa, G., Tar'an, B., Diederichsen, A. and Warkentin, T.D. 2013. Characterization of 169 diverse pea germplasm accessions for agronomic performance, mycosphaerella blight resistance and nutritional profile. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution  60(2):747-761.

Ubayasena, L., K. Bett, B. Tar’an and T. Warkentin. 2011. Genetic control and identification of QTLs associated with visual quality traits of field pea.  Genome 54: 261-272.

Tar’an, B., T.D. Warkentin, A. Vandenberg and F. Holm, 2010. Variation in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Germplasm for Tolerance to Imidazolinone Herbicide.  Canadian  Journal of Plant Science, 90:1-4.