Karen Schwean-Lardner

Assistant Professor

Departments: Animal and Poultry Science

Education: B.S.A., M.S., Ph.D. (Saskatchewan)

My research focuses on the impact that management and nutrition have on the welfare and productivity of commercial poultry species, including broilers, turkeys and laying hens.

Recent Publications:
Schwean-Lardner, K., B.I. Fancher, B. Laarveld and H.L. Classen. 2013. Effect of daylength on flock behavioural patterns and melatonin rhythms in broilers. British Poultry Science (in press).

Lardner, H.A., L. Braul, K. Schwartzkopf-Genswein, K. Schwean-Lardner, D. Damiran and E. Darambazer. 2013. Consumption and drinking behaviour of beef cattle offered a choice of several water types. Livestock Science 157:577-585.

Deep. A., C. Raginski, K. Schwean-Lardner, B.I. Fancher and H.L. Classen.  2013. Minimum light intensity threshold to prevent negative effects on broiler production and welfare. British Poultry Science 54:686-694.

Schwean-Lardner, K., B.I. Fancher, S. Gomis, S. Dalal, and H.L. Classen, 2013.  Effect of daylength on cause of mortality, leg health and ocular health in broilers.  Poultry Science 92: 1-11.

Carruthers, C., T. Gabrush, K. Schwean-Lardner, T.D. Knezacek, H.L. Classen and C. Bennett. 2012. On-farm survey of beak characteristics in White Leghorns as a result of hot blade trimming and infrared beak treatment. Journal of Applied Poultry Science 21: 645-650.

Schwean-Lardner, K., B.I. Fancher, and H.L. Classen. 2012. Impact of daylength on behavioural output in commercial broilers.  Applied Animal Behaviour Science 137:43-52.

Deep, A., K. Schwean-Lardner, T.G. Crowe, B.I. Fancher and H.L. Classen, 2012.  Effect of light intensity on broiler behaviour and diurnal rhythms. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 136:50-56.

Schwean-Lardner, K., B.I. Fancher, and H.L. Classen. 2012.  Impact of daylength on the productivity of two commercial broiler strains.  British Poultry Science 53:7-18.

Deep, A., K. Schwean-Lardner, T.G. Crowe, B.I. Fancher and H.L. Classen. 2010.  Effect of light intensity on broiler production, processing characteristics, and welfare.  Poultry Science 89:2326-2333.

Schwean-Lardner, K., J.P. Dahiya, A.A. Olkowski, E.M. Barber, C. Riddell and H.L. Classen.  2009. Effect of adding ozone into an intensive broiler production unit on performance, mortality, ammonia levels, and bacterial levels as compared to a non-ozone treated broiler unit.  Journal of Applied Poultry Research.  18:649-657.

Courses Taught:
Lecture Courses:
Animal Science 440 - Poultry Production and Aquaculture
Animal Bioscience 411 – Behaviour of Domestic Animals
VLAC 310 – Animal Production and Management II (WCVM - Poultry section)