Ryan Brook

Assistant Professor

Departments: Animal and Poultry Science, Indigenous Land Management Institute

Education: B.Sc, M.N.R.M, Ph.D (Manitoba), PDF (Calgary)


- Aboriginal wildlife, land and resource management
- Community-based ecosystem monitoring
- Aboriginal and rural youth education and training
- Human-wildlife conflict
- Dog health and safety in Aboriginal communities
- Climate change impacts on landscape change and the carbon footprint of research

Selected Publications:

R.K. Brook, E. Vander Wal, F.M. van Beest, and S.M. McLachlan.  2012. Use of cattle winter feeding areas by elk and white-tailed deer: implications for managing bovine tuberculosis transmission risk from the ground up. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 108:137-147.

E. Vander Wal, F.M. van Beest, and Brook, R.K. 2012. Density-dependent effects on group size are sex-specific in a gregarious ungulate. Plos One 8(1). 

F.M. van Beest, E. Vander Wal, A.V. Stronen, and R.K. Brook, 2013. Temporal variation in site fidelity: Scale-dependent effects of forage abundance and predation risk in a non-migratory large herbivore. Oecologia In Press.

F.M. van Beest, E. Vander Wal, A.V. Stronen, and R.K. Brook, 2012. Factors driving variation in movement rate and seasonality of sympatric ungulates.  Journal of Mammalogy 94 (2).

 R.K. Brook. 2010. Incorporating farmer observations in efforts to manage bovine tuberculosis using barrier fencing at the wildlife-livestock interface. Preventative Veterinary Medicine 93:301-305.

R.K. Brook, S.J. Kutz, A. Veitch, R. Popko, B. Elkin and G. Guthrie. 2009. Fostering community-based wildlife health monitoring and research in the Canadian North. EcoHealth. 6:266-278.

R.K. Brook and S.M. McLachlan. 2009. Transdisciplinary habitat models for elk and cattle as a proxy for bovine tuberculosis transmission risk. Preventative Veterinary Medicine. 91: 197-208.

R.K. Brook. 2009. Ignoring the Elephant in the Room: The carbon footprint of climate change research. Arctic. 62:253-255.

R.K. Brook and S.M. McLachlan. 2008. Trends and prospects for local knowledge in ecological and conservation research and monitoring. Biodiversity and Convervation. 17:3501-3512.

Course Taught:

Lecture Courses:

Animal Bioscience 110 Introductory animal bioscience

Animal Science 375 - Animal Agriculture and the Environment

Animal Bioscience 475 Field Studies in Arctic Ecosystems and Aboriginal Peoples

Graduate Courses:

Bioresource Policy, Business & Economics 899 - Aboriginal Land Management Project

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