Plant Sciences

studentsPlants are the world's basic providers, supplying food and oxygen to all other life forms on earth. In addition to food and oxygen, humans derive fibre for clothing and shelter, a wide array of industrial products and thousands of pharmaceuticals from plants both natural and cultivated. Our teaching and research programs focus on the physiology and production of field and horticultural crops as well as the ecology of natural grasslands.

The Department of Plant Sciences along with the Crop Development Centre (CDC) in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan is a centre for teaching, research and outreach relating to the development, production and management of field and horticultural crops on the Canadian prairies and the management of non-arable lands.  The Crop Development Centre (CDC) is a “centre of excellence” field crop breeding organization that is fully integrated within the department.

The department along with the CDC provides a truly unique experience to students by offering undergraduate and graduate level studies in agronomy, crop science, horticultural science, plant ecology or rangeland studies in one department. We are the only plant sciences department in Canada capable of offering such a diverse experience in plant studies.  Our close cooperation between the department of other research institutions on campus, such as the Plant Biotechnology Institute of the National Research Council, the Agriculture and Agri-food Canada Research Station, and the Protein, Oil and Starch Pilot Plant allows graduate students to participate in interdisciplinary research.

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