Education Enhancement Grants are available to assist students who wish to participate in worthwhile educational experiences. Activities may include, but are not limited to: conference registration or travel; travel to other locations for course work or experiential learning purposes; costs incurred as part of team projects or special topics courses; academic exchanges with other institutions.

Applicants must be full-time students in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources or graduate students studying in AgBio departmental graduate programs. In order to be eligible, applicants must be in good academic standing as defined by CGPS, including having minutes from an advisory committee meeting from the past 12 months and a signed Student-Supervisor Agreement on file.

Depending on the nature of the application, funding for enhancement grants is provided from the Student Enhancement Fund and the David Christensen Travel Fellowships Fund. Qualified applicants will receive funding as annual budgets allow.


  • Graduate students must be presenting at a conference or meeting in order to receive funding.

  • Only one application from an individual student or group will be supported each academic year. The college also reserves the right to limit the number of awards to individual applicants for the same conference or workshop.

  • Students travelling outside of Canada must comply with requirements of the International Travel Registry in order to receive university funds. This registry is administered by the International Student and Travel Abroad Centre (ISSAC)

  • A written report (including photos) or presentation on the experience is required. The exact nature of the report will be determined in consultation with the Director, Academic and Student Affairs, and must be completed within an approved period of time after the event (normally 30 days). The college retains the right to release the report, or portions thereof, for promotional purposes.

Awards for individuals

Conference travel and fees  $500
Special topics courses     $550
National and international exchange programs  $2,000

Awards for groups/clubs 

Up to $500 per student with a maximum of $2,500.

It should be noted that these guidelines are to provide consistency in the award of grants, but that they should not be regarded as limiting the number and/or type of proposals that might be approved for funding. It is recognized that there may be valuable and unique opportunities that will fall outside the guidelines and that such applications should be considered based on the benefit of the experience to the individual student(s) and/or the College of Agriculture and Bioresources.


To Apply, undergraduate students should provide the following information to Graduate students please contact

  • Name and student number

  • Nature of the activity, dates and location, title of presentation if applicable (brochure of event, confirmation from the event that you have been invited to present)

  • Detailed budget, including other sources of funding applied for or approved

  • A statement of the benefit of the activity to the student and college

  • A letter of support from a faculty member ( graduate students only)

Applications may be made by an executive member of a student group within the college on behalf of the group. The college will approve the selection of participants in activities when an Education Enhancement grant is being provided. All students receiving funding from the grant must be eligible according to the criteria outlined in these guidelines.

Notification and payment

  • Notification of award status will be sent by email

  • Undergraduate students will receive a cheque, which will be sent to the address on file with the university. Undergraduate students who have been on payroll with the university may receive the payment through automatic deposit.

  • Graduate student awards will be provided through reimbursement of travel costs, when a travel claim is prepared.

  • Payments to a club will be by cheque, payable to the club. Cheques will be picked up in the Dean’s Office.


University of Saskatchewan Student Travel Award and information for students travelling outside of Canada