At the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, we are committed to finding solutions to sustainably feeding a hungry and growing world. Our five departments provide the foundation for our broad array of research activities, both basic and applied. We have over a century of innovative products and practices that have transformed the world.


AgBio faculty and researchers actively collaborate across the university, as well as nationally and internationally. We have created strong, productive partnerships with numerous governments, private enterprises, producer groups, research centres, and industry associations to develop a sophisticated network for applied science, business, and policy development. Outrearch, technology transfer and information sharing is an important part our research.


Plants and Animals

Enhancing sustainable management, production, and genetic improvement of agricultural and domesticated plants and animals.

Food, Feed and Bioproducts

Improving the use of natural resources to provide safe and accessible food for humans and animals.

Soil, Environment and Ecology

Protecting renewable resources and the environment.

Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Investigating agricultural and bioresources management, entrepreneurship, policy and economics.