Picture of Prairie Swine Centre

Prairie Swine Centre

Prairie Swine Centre (PSC) is a 300-sow farrow-to-finish swine research facility located just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In addition to the standard production facilities, there is a surgery suite, metabolism crates, two environmental chambers on-site and a separate disease challenge facility located about 40 minutes from the city. Research programs, specializing in animal behaviour and welfare, nutrition and agricultural engineering, focus on the applied aspects of issues facing the swine industry. The PSC’s technology transfer program focuses on distributing the scientists’ latest research results, ensuring strong engagement within the pork industry. PSC also offers a contract research program that specializes in proprietary research for companies seeking scientifically-sound data for product registration or marketing for their nutritional, animal health, behavioural and environmentally focused products (this program can also assist with human-health product research using the pig as a model).