Lab Scale

Capacity: 500 kg/hr
Mixing device: single shaft paddle mixer
Vacuum pressure: 910 mbar at sea level
Number of nozzles: 3
Cycle time with vacuum, 10% fat, 0.5% enzyme: 6 minutes
Cycle time without vacuum, 10% fat, 0.5% enzyme: 4 minutes
Material: contact parts in stainless steel

Vacuum coater UAS Muyang Model 240SS

Capacity: 3t/hr
Dimensions: W 1.2m x L1.36m x H1.8m

Seed Sorter A0A8015  Seed sorter A0A7997
Mixing Capacity: 400 litre batch size
(approx. 200 kg)
Mixing device: Twin shaft ribbon and paddle mixer
Mixing time: 90 s
Material: Stainless steel
LSL Mixer Scott 363
15 Kw motor, VFD on drive
Capacity: 200 kg/hr wheat at 500 microns
Effective Diameter: 18”D x 6”W
Screen area: 368
Screen Sizes: 3/32” to ½”
Hammer Mill - Colorado Milling Equipment HMS.20X
Capacity: 100 kg/hr wheat at 700 microns
Rolls diameter: 10"
Rolls length 6"
Rolls differential speed ratio 2:1
Roll weight 50 kg
Roll-type Feeder
Model: Feeder is integral to mill
LSL Roller Grinder
22.5 Kw motor
Max Capacity: 1.5 tonne/hour
Die inside diameter: 248 mm
Width: 70 mm thickness: 32 mm
Specifications vary with hole size, 4 mm or 2 mm pellets (other sizes available on request)
Weight: ~ 25.6kg
Rolls Quantity: 2
Roll Diameter: 100 mm (4”) Width: 7.875 mm (2 7/8”)
Material: High chrome steel
Closed ended corrugated
Vapor, HIS Hydro Steam Industries; Vessel, 40L Steam Explosion 1Steam Explosion 2Steam Explosion 3

Seive Size (US No.): 8,12,16,20,30,40,50,70,100,140,200

particle size analyzer

Pilot Scale Line (PSL)


5 t/hr wheat at 700 microns
3600 RPM 800 sq. in screen surface area
300 microns 6/64"
500 microns 8/64"
700 microns 10/64"
900 microns 12/64"

Hammermill GJ Vis Model VISHM2014

9 t/hr wheat at 700 microns
Rolls diameter: 12"
Rolls length 20"
Rolls differential speed ratio 1.6:1
Roll weight 295 kg
Roll-type Feeder
Model: Feeder is integral to mill
Roller Grinder GJ Vis Triple pair 12 x 20
2 x 22.5 Kw Motors
Capacity: 7 tonnes/hr
Roll speed ratio 1:1
Steam Chest
Model: Custom built
Two steam ports, three temperature sensors
Capacity: 2.5 tonnes
PSL Steam Flaker AT Ferrell
Rotating spreader
Cooling Surface area: 8.2 m2
Capacity: 7 tonnes/hr
Temperature controlled and discharges on ∆ T
Flaker cooler Geelen
Conditioner Capacity: 0.3-0.8 t/hr
Steam pressure required: 15-30 psi
Steam flow rate: 60-110 lbs/hr
Water flow rate: 20-40 lbs/hr
Extruder Capacity: 70-550 lbs/hr
Screw diameter: 2.25 inches each
Twin screw Material: Alloy
Steam pressure required: 80-100 psi
Steam flow rate: 50 lbs/hr
Extruder UAS Muyang Extruder Model MY56X2 conditioner model SBTZ10
Capacity (pellet 3/16"): 5000 kg/hr
Max outlet product temperature: 5°C above
Moisture reduction: 3.80%
Rotary spreader
Counter flow cooler

Type of feeder: Gravity/vibratory
Dimensions: W 1.3m x L 6.6m x H 2m
Capacity: 100-500 kg/hr
Drying air temperature: 120oC
Rentention time: 20-40 min
Max outlet product temperature: 50-130oC
Material: Contact parts stainless steel, carbon steel other
Fluid Bed Dryer UAS Muyang Model ZG 6x60
Capacity: 5000 kg/hr
 Mixing device: Single shaft paddle mixer
 Vacuum pressure: 910 mbar at sea level
 Number of nozzles: 6
 Cycle time with vacuum, 10% fat, 0.5% enzyme: 6 minutes
 Cycle time without vacuum, 10% fat, 0.5% enzyme: 4 minutes
 Material: Stainless steel
Horizontal Vacuum coater UAS Muyang Model SYPZ120
Capacity: (pellet 3/16") 8000-10000 kg/hr
Rolls diameter: 9.5 in
Rolls length: 43 in
Rolls RPM: 720-480 RPM
Roll Feeder
Model: MU 1100
PSL Crumbler
Twin-shaft Paddle
Optimal Loading
Mixing capacity: 35.6 cu-ft
Mixing time: 90 sec CV: <5%

Mixer A0A7960
Model: SFJH80x3C
Capacity (4.7mm pellets) 5000-6500 kg/hr
Roto shaker screen A0A8244 Roto Shaker screen

The equipment is a Buhler ACHA System

  • which can condition feed at 1-7 tonnes per hour,
  • add liquid ingredients to the conditioning vessel,
  • can retain conditioned mash for up to 120 seconds before delivering it to the pellet mill.
  • has high efficiency electrical heat mats to give a more consistent conditioning temperature.
Buhler ACHA system
Buhler ACHA System 3
Buhler ACHA System 2

Capacity: 2-6.5 t/hr
Die Inside diameter: 350 mm
Width: 100mm Thickness: 30-60mm
Working area: 170 sq in
Holes area: 4.0mm die, 35% perforated
Material: X46Cr13 Weight: ~ 55kg
Peripherical speed: 6.5 m/s
Rolls Quantity: 2
Diameter: 150 mm Width: 106 mm
Material: 20CrMn

Pellet Mill

Industrial Scale Line (ISL)

224 Kw motor
Capacity: Up to 20 tonne/hr (4 mm pellets)
Sprout 26-6 (162) Die, 5/32 x 2 1/4" x NR,
2 1/4" Effective,
Die Inside diameter: 650 mm
Width: 150 mm thickness: 30-60mm
Weight: ~ 55kg
Rolls Quantity: 2
Material: Tungsten

Pellet Mill Sprout

Mixing Capacity: 6000 litre batch size (approx. 3 tonnes)
Mixing device: Single shaft ribbon mixer
Mixing time: 180 s
Material: Mild steel

Mixer Law Marrot

187 Kw motor, VFD on feeder
Serial #: 46 36 300 & 46 36 301
Speed: 1750 RPM
4266 sq. in screen surface area
Screen Size: 9/64 perf screens x 11ga.  38% open area

Hammer Mills

Model: VK 28 x 28 R
Discharge based on level controls

ISL Counter flow cooler

Model: CMX 1200 36 S              

ISL Crumbler

Analytical Lab