AgBio students can meet the prerequisites for admission to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) while completing the requirements for the B.S.A. Animal Science or the B.Sc. Animal Bioscience.

It is possible for students to complete the pre-veterinary medicine requirements in two years. However, because the program load is heavy and the competition for entry is very keen, students are urged to spread their program over a longer period and to take the standard first- and second-year courses for the B.S.A Animal Science or B.Sc. Animal Bioscience.    

Students should always consult the WCVM Admissions website for the most updated and detailed information on admission requirements and procedures. Here are some specifics to keep in mind:

  • WVCM will accept AGRC 110.3 towards the English/Communications requirement.
  • Effective Fall 2025 entry, the admission requirements include 3 credit units of Indigenous Studies.  Full details are outlined on the WCVM Admissions website.  Note: Students planning to apply for admission to the DVM should take INDG 107.3 to fulfill the 3 credits Indigenous Studies requirement (AREC 220.3 will not be sufficient).
  • Additional high school level courses may be required to satisfy the prerequisites for courses that are part of the admission requirements for the DVM which would not otherwise be required for an Agriculture and Bioresources program. (e.g., the admission requirements for the DVM include PHYS 115.3, which has a prerequisite of Physics 30 or the equivalent.)

It is essential that all AgBio students consult their faculty advisor each spring to develop an approved program of studies for the following year. Successful completion of the DVM admission requirements does not assure admission to WCVM. If not admitted to the DVM program, students can continue on in their AgBio programs.

For more information about WCVM admissions, contact:

Tel: 306-966-7459