Students may complete the pre-veterinary medicine requirements in two years. Because the program load is heavy and the competition for entry is very keen, students are urged to spread their program over a longer period and to take the standard first-year courses for the B.S.A. or B.Sc. (An.Biosc) program.

Candidates of exceptional ability who seek to complete the entrance requirements in two years are advised to take the suggested sequence of courses.

It is essential that all students consult a departmental program advisor each spring to develop an approved program of studies for the following year. Successful completion of the pre-veterinary medicine course requirements does not assure admission to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Students can continue a B.S.A. in most fields of specialization or B.Sc.(An.Biosc) degree with little timetable and programming difficulty.

Please note that additional grade twelve classes may be required to satisfy the prerequesites for Pre-Veterinary classes which would not otherwise be required for an Agriculture and Bioresources program. (e.g., The pre-vet program requires Physics 115.3, which has a prerequesite of Physics 30 or the equivalent.)

Students should consult the Admissions and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine sections of the Course & Program Catalogue regarding details of admission procedures.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine (Suggested Sequence of Courses B.S.A.)

Pre-Veterinary Medicine (Suggested Sequence of Courses B.Sc. Animal Bioscience)