Students interested in becoming a Registered Dietitian can apply to the B.Sc. (Nutrition) degree (offered by the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition). The prerequisites for admission for the B.Sc. (Nutrition) can be completed in the first year of the B.Sc. Food and Nutrition program offered by the College of Agriculture and Bioresources.

Applicants to the B.Sc.(Nutrition) degree must complete a minimum of one year (30 credit units) of university pre-nutrition courses, which must be completed by April 30 of the year of application, to be considered for admission.

NOTE: The pre-nutrition prerequisite courses require 6 credit units of general electives. If students apply to the B.Sc.(Nutrition) program after the first year of the B.Sc. Food and Nutrition program, the College will use NUTR 120 and FABS 110 to meet the year 1 program requirements. After admission to Year 1 of the B.Sc. Nutrition program, students will be required to complete the 6 c.u. of deficient electives from pre-nutrition year, rather than taking NUTR 120 and FABS 110, in Year 1.

Students should consult the Admission information and College of Pharmacy and Nutrition for detailed information about the admission requirements and application process for the B.Sc.(Nutrition) program. For more information, call (306) 966-6327, email, or visit the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition website.

Pre-Nutrition Suggested Sequence of Courses for B.Sc. Food and Nutrition

  • BIOL 120.3 The Nature of Life
  • BIOL 121.3 The Diversity of Life
  • CHEM 112.3 General Chemistry I Structure Bonding and Properties of Materials
  • CHEM 250.3 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
  • FABS 110.3 The Science of Food
  • NUTR 120.3 Basic Nutrition
  • PSY 120.3 Biological and Cognitive Bases of Psychology and PSY 121.3 Social Clinical Cultural and Developmental Bases of Psychology OR SOC 111.3 Foundations in Sociology Society Structure Process and SOC 112.3 Foundations in Sociology Social Construction of Everyday Life


  • Choose 6 credit units from the following:
    • ENG 111.3 Literature and Composition Reading Poetry
    • ENG 112.3 Literature and Composition Reading Drama
    • ENG 113.3 Literature and Composition Reading Narrative
    • ENG 114.3 Literature and Composition Reading Culture