Academic Advice

Students must consult with an advisor to have their course selections approved before entering each of years 2, 3, and 4 of their program. A copy of the approved program must be on file each year in the year in the Dean's Office.

Students must submit the AgBio Student Services Declare a Major form to the Dean's Office to have their major entered into the Student Information System.

First Year, All Programs

Alicia Wehrkamp, Co-ordinator of Recruitment and 1st Year Experience
Office: 2D27, 966-6646,

Upper Year, Study Abroad and Transfer Students

Lane Foster, Director, Academic and Student Affairs
Office: 2D30, 966-4062,

Agribusiness & Agricultural Economics

Rob Roy                                                  

Office: 3C74, 966-4029,

Agricultural Biology

Hugo Cota-Sanchez
Office: 141 Biology, 966-4405 or 966-4950

Animal & Poultry Science

Greg Penner
Office:  6D18, 966-4219,

Sheila Schmutz
Office:  6D66, 966-4153,

Environmental Science

Derek Peak 
Office: 5D04, 966-6806,

J. Ens
Office: 5D20, 966-6838,

Food and Bioproduct Sciences

Michael Nickerson
Office:  3E28, 966-5030,

Dr. Darren Korber   (re Food and Bioproduct Sciences program, BSA)
Office: 4E16, 966-7786,

Plant Sciences 


Krista Wilde
Office: 2C08, 966-5868,

Applied Plant Ecology

Eric Lamb
Office: 4D68, 966-1799,

Horticulture Science

Grant Wood
Office:  4D78, 966-5586,

Crop Science

Kirstin Bett
Office: 2C16, 966-8617,

Renewable Resource Management

Tom Yates
Office: 5C16, 966-4010,

Soil Science

Tom Yates  Office: 5C16, 966-4010,

Derek Peak 
Office: 5D04, 966-6806,