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Vladimir Vujanovic Associate Professor and Agri-Food Innovation Chair

4E22 - Agriculture Building

Research Area(s)

  • Molecular mycology and biotechnology
  • Microbiome and endosymbionts
  • Biocontrol
  • Mycotoxins


Food and Biproduct Sciences

Areas of specialization

My specialization is microbiology with emphasis on molecular and functional mycology, microbial biotechnology, and bioproducts. My research and teaching interests include fungal taxonomy and diversity, genomics and epigenomics, proteomics, microbial bioinoculants, microbial endophytes, plant growth promoters, crops stress tolerance, fungal biocontrol agents against plant pests and microbial collection.


B.Sc., M.Sc. (Zagreb), Ph.D. (Belgrade)

Selected Recent Publications

Kim S.H., Vujanovic V. (2017). Biodegradation and biodetoxification of Fusarium mycotoxins by Sphaerodes mycoparasitica. AMB Express. 7:145-154.

Vujanovic V., Germida J.J. 2017. Seed endosymbiosis: a vital relationship in providing prenatal care to plants. Canadian Journal of Plant Science. doi: 10.1139/CJPS-2016-0261.

Vujanovic V., Daida Arla M., Daida P. (2017). qPCR assessment of aurofusarin gene expression in mycotoxigenic Fusarium species challenged with mycoparasitic and chemical control agents. Biological Control 109:51-57.

Kim, S.H., Vujanovic, V. (2016). Relationship between mycoparasites lifestyles and biocontrol behaviors against Fusarium spp. and mycotoxins production. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 100: 5257-5272.

Vujanovic, V., Yuan, X., Daida, P., Milunovic, B., Germida J. (2016). Manipulation of cold stratification and endophytic effects on expression patterns of RSG and KAO genes in coleorhiza of wheat seeds. Plant Growth Regulation. 72: 219–227.

Bazghaleh N., Hamel C., Gan Y., Knight D., Vujanovic V, Cruz AF and Ishii Y. (2016). Phytochemicals induced in chickpea roots selectively and non-selectively stimulate and suppress fungal endophytes and pathogens. Plant Soil. 409: 479-493

Hosseini-Nasabnia, Z., Van Rees, K., Vujanovic, V. (2016). Preventing unwanted spread of invasive fungal species in willow (Salix spp.) plantations. Journal of Plant Pathology. 38:325-337.

Sandmeyer, L.S., Vujanovic, V., Petrie, L., Campbell, J.R., Bauer, B.S., Allen, A.L., Grahn, B.H. (2015). Optic neuropathy in a herd of beef cattle in Alberta associated with consumption of moldy corn.The Canadian Veterinary Journal. 56: 249-56.

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Chau, H.W., Biswas, A., Vujanovic, V., Si, B.C. (2014). Relationship between the severity, persistence of soil water repellency and the critical soil water content in water repellent soils. Geoderma. 22: 113-120.

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Ellouze, W, Hamel, C., Vujanovic, V., Gan, Y., Bouzid, S., St-Arnaud, M. (2013). Chickpea genotypes shape the soil microbiome and affect the establishment of the subsequent durum wheat crop in the semiarid North American Great Plains. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 63: 129-141.

Hubbard, M., Germida, J.J., Vujanovic, V. (2013). Fungal endophytes enhance wheat heat and drought tolerance in terms of grain yield and second-generation seed viability. Journal of Applied Microbiology. 116:109-22.

Yang, C., Hamel, C., Gan, Y., Vujanovic, V. (2012). Bacterial endophytes mediate positive feedback effects of early legume termination times on the yield of subsequent durum wheat crops.Canadian Journal of Microbiology. 58: 1368-1377.

Vujanovic, V., Chau, H.W. (2012). Monitoring Fusarium complex mycelia replacement by mycopathogenic Sphaerodesusing alcohol percentage test, qRT-PCR andHPLC. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology. 80: 28-34.

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Lecture courses:

  • FABS 212.3 – Agri-Food and Resources Microbiology 
  • FABS 298.3 - Food Security
  • FABS 334.3 - Industrial Microbiology
  • FABS 430.3 – Environmental Microbiology 
  • FABS 432.3 – Microbial Bioproducts in Agriculture

Graduate courses:

  • APMC 830.3 – Advanced Environmental Microbiology
  • APMC 832.3 - Microbial Bioproducts in Agriculture