Picture of  Sabine Banniza

Sabine Banniza Professor, Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research Program Chair (on sabbatical)

Research Area(s)

  • Fungal disease resistance in lentils
  • Strobilurin fungicides
  • Stemphylium blight


Plant Sciences

Research Interests

  1. Title: Towards generating multiple fungal disease resistance in lentil- can we score a hat trick?
    Duration: January 2013 – March 2019
    Funding agencies: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, NSERC, Saskatchewan Agricultural Development Fund, Western Grains Research Foundation
    People: Dr. S. Banniza, Dr. V. Bhadauria, Dr. K. Bett, Dr. B. Vandenberg (advisor), student
  2. Title: Yield loss study of stemphylium blight on lentil.
    Duration: 2012-2017
    Funding agencies: Saskatchewan Agricultural Development Fund and Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
    People: Banniza S, Boyetchko S, Vandenberg A, Caudillo K (MSc student)
  3. Title: Evolution and biology of Colletotrichum truncatum in Canada
    Duration: 2011-2016
    Funding agencies: NSERC
    People: Banniza S, Warale R (MSc student)


Dipl. Ing. (hort) (University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Germany)
M.Sc. (University of London, UK)
Ph.D. (University of Reading, UK)

Selected Recent Publications

Menat J, Armstrong-Cho C, Banniza S 2016. Lack of evidence for sexual reproduction in field populations of Colletotrichum lentis. Fungal Ecology20, 66–74.

Habibi A, Peever T, Banniza S, Morrall R 2015. First Report of Ascochyta Blight of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) caused by Peyronellaea pinodes in Canada. Plant Disease 100, 520

Bhadauria V, MacLachlan R, Pozniak C, Banniza S 2015. Candidate effectors contribute to race differentiation and virulence of the lentil anthracnose pathogen Colletotrichum lentis. BMC Genomics 16:628.

Armstrong-Cho C, Lulsdorf MM, Hashemi P, Banniza S 2015. Characterization of resistance to ascochyta blight of selected wild Cicer germplasm. Botany Botany 93: 723–734.

Syrovy LD, Banniza S, Shirtliffe SJ 2014. Yield and Agronomic Advantages of Pea Leaf Type Mixtures under Organic Management. Agronomy Journal 107, 113-120.


Undergraduate thesis course:

  • PLSC 492: Literature / small research thesis in Plant Sciences

Graduate courses:

  • PLSC 880.3 Introduction to plant disease epidemiology
  • PLSC 881.3 Host-pathogen interaction and breeding for disease resistance in plants