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Nicholas Low Professor (Sabbatical leave July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)

3E18 - Agriculture Building

Research Area(s)

  • Food authenticity and traceability
  • Structure-function-mechanism studies of fruit phenolics and their antioxidant capacities
  • Carbohydrate chemistry


Food and Biproduct Sciences


B.Sc. Simon Fraser University (Chemistry)
M.Sc. University of Alberta (Chemistry)
Ph.D. University of Alberta (Food Chemistry)

Selected Recent Publications

Willems, J.L. and Low, N.H. 2016. Oligosaccharide formation during commercial pear juice processing. Food Chemistry 204:84-93.

Avramenko, N.A., Chang, C., Low, N.H. and Nickerson, M.T. 2016. Encapsulation of flaxseed oil within native and modified lentil protein-based microcapsules. Food Research International 81:17-24.

Wang, J., Korber, D., Low, N. and Nickerson, M.T. 2015. Encapsulation of Bifidobacterium adolescentis with legume proteins and its survival under stimulated gastric conditions and during storage within commercial fruit juices. Food Science and Biotechnology 24:383-391.

Karaca, A.C., Low, N.H. and Nickerson, M.T. 2015. Potential use of plant proteins in the microencapsulation of lipophilic materials in foods. Trends in Food Science and Technology 42:5-12.

Johnston, S.P., Nickerson, M.T. and Low, N.H. 2015. The physicochemical properties of legume protein isolates and their ability to stabilize oil-in-water emulsions with and without genipin. Journal of Food Science and Technology 52:4135-4145

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  • FABS 315 (Food Chemistry)
  • FABS 323 (Food Additives & Toxicants)
  • FABS 417 (Food Analysis)


  • FDSC 817 (Advanced Food Analysis)
  • FDSC 840 (Food Authenticity & Traceability)