Research Area(s)

  • Management and nutrition impact on welfare and productivity of commercial poultry species

Brief Biography

Karen Schwean-Lardner is an Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, working with turkeys, broilers and laying hens. Her work is often multi-dimensional, and examines how various management practices impact not only the welfare and productivity of birds. Her PhD investigated the impact of daylength on broiler production and welfare and her findings are used for broiler lighting program recommendations worldwide. Karen’s other research interests include the stocking density implications for turkeys, impact of daylength on turkey productivity and welfare, effects of toe treatments on commercial turkeys, beak treatment for leghorns, nutrition and behaviour interface for hens, and light intensity for broiler production.


Animal and Poultry Science

Areas of specialization

Poultry welfare
Poultry management
Poultry production
Laying hens


B. Sc. (Agr), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 1984. Department of Animal & Poultry Science, Animal Science Major. 
M. Sc., University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 1995. Poultry welfare and management
Ph. D., University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 2011. Broiler welfare and management

Selected Recent Publications

Fournier, J., K. Schwean-Lardner, T.D. Knezacek, S. Gomis and H.L. Classen. 2015. The effect of toe trimming on behavior, mobility, toe length and other indicators of welfare in tom turkeys. Poultry Science 94:1398-1406.

Schwean-Lardner, K., B.I. Fancher, B. Laarveld and H.L. Classen. 2014. Effect of daylength on flock behavioural patterns and melatonin rhythms in broilers. British Poultry Science 55:21-30.

Deep. A., C. Raginski, K. Schwean-Lardner, B.I. Fancher and H.L. Classen. 2013. Minimum light intensity threshold to prevent negative effects on broiler production and welfare. British Poultry Science 54:686-694.

Schwean-Lardner, K., B.I. Fancher, S. Gomis, S. Dalal, and H.L. Classen, 2013. Effect of daylength on cause of mortality, leg health and ocular health in broilers. Poultry Science 92: 1-11.

Carruthers, C., T. Gabrush, K. Schwean-Lardner, T.D. Knezacek, H.L. Classen and C. Bennett. 2012. On-farm survey of beak characteristics in White Leghorns as a result of hot blade trimming and infrared beak treatment. Journal of Applied Poultry Science 21: 645-650.

Funding Sources

Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan
Chicken Farmers of Canada
Egg Farmers of Saskatchewan
Egg Farmers of Alberta
Egg Farmers of Canada
Canadian Poultry Research Council


Poultry Related Courses:

ANSC 440.3 Poultry Production and Aquaculture

VLAC 310 Animal Production and Management II (Poultry Section)
Animal Science 212 Livestock and Poultry Production (Poultry Section)

Welfare Related Courses:

ANSC 811 Welfare of Agriculture Animals 
ANBI 411 Social Behaviour of Domestic Anim 
Undergraduate Thesis Supervision
ANSC 492.3 and 494.6