Picture of  Herbert (Bart) Lardner

Herbert (Bart) Lardner Adjunct Professor

5E28 - Agriculture Building


Animal and Poultry Science

Research Interests

Beef cattle nutrition
Forage and pasture management
Cost effective heifer development
Effect of maternal nutrition on fetal programming
Management of alternative calving systems
Application of commercially available genomic technology
Nutrient cycling in winter feeding systems
Nutrient management in summer and winter grazing programs
Supplementation strategies for low quality beef cow diets
Water quality for beef cattle


B.S.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Saskatchewan)

Selected Recent Publications

A.Y. Van De Kerckhove, H.A. Lardner, K.J.W. Walburger, J.J. McKinnon and P. Yu. 2011. Effects of supplementing spring-calving beef cows grazing barley crop residue with wheat-corn blend dried distillers' grain plus solubles on animal performance and estimated dry matter intake. Professional Animal Scientist. 27:219-227.

P.F. Jungnitsch, J.J. Schoenau, H.A. Lardner and P. Jefferson. 2011. Winter feeding cattle on the Canadian Prairies: Impacts on soil nutrient cycling and forage growth. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 141:143-152.

A.Y. Van De Kerckhove, H.A. Lardner, P. Yu, J.J. McKinnon and K.J.W. Walburger. 2011. Effect of wheat-based dried distillers' grain plus solubles on forage intake and digestibility, rumen passage rate and digestion and rate and extent of forage degradation. Canadian Journal of Animal Science. 91:123-132.

J.J. McKinnon, A.M. Walker, B.G. Rossnagel, P.G. Jefferson, H.A. Lardner and B. Wildeman. 2010. Effects of processing a new low acid-detergent lignin hull, high oil groat oat cultivar (CDC SO-I) on performance of growing cattle. Canadian Journal of Animal Science. 90:271-274.

H.C. Block, J.L. Bourne, H.A. Lardner and J.J. McKinnon. 2010. Evaluation of NRC (2000) model energy requirement and DMI equation accuracy and precision for wintering beef cows in western Canada. Canadian Journal of Animal Science. 90:245-258


Guest Lectures in:
Animal Science 410 - Grazing Animal Production

Lecture Courses:
Plant Science 418 - Management of Arable Grasslands
Plant Science 422 - Rangeland Resources: Ecology and Management
Animal Science 492 - Animal & Poultry Science Thesis course

Graduate Courses:
Animal Science 810 - Nutrition of Grazing Ruminants