The Soils and Crops Workshop began in 1965 and has been offered annually for over 50 years.  The annual workshop is a two day event presenting updates on current research being conducted in the areas of soils, crops and economics by researchers, faculty and graduate students from across western Canada. The second day offers a workshop based on invited presentations designed to provide in-depth training on a variety of topics emphasizing agronomy.

The Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists (SIA) and the Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) program recognize this event as a professional development opportunity.

2023 Organizing Committee


Past Agronomy Workshop Themes

The Agronomy workshop on day 2 was added to the Soils and Crops Agenda in 2009. The themes for the Agronomy workshops have been as follows:

  • 2009 Pesticide Resistance Workshop (Chair: Tom Jensen)
  • 2010 Soil and Water (Chair: Tom Jensen)
  • 2011 Crop Establishment (Chair: Sherrilyn Phelps)
  • 2012 Nutrient Management (Chair: Patrick Moolecki)
  • 2013 Canola Agronomy (Chair: Trish Meyers)
  • 2014 Emerging Crops (Chair: Lyle Cowell)
  • 2015 Plant Disease Issues on the Prairies (Chair: Randy Kutcher)
  • 2016 Pests and Pulses (Chair: Erin Campbell)
  • 2017 Retooling the Ag Diagnostics Toolbox (Chair: Ryan Hangs)
  • 2018 Soil-What's in the Horizon? (Chair: Scott Anderson
  • 2019 Mind Your P...Bring Your Q's, Northern Great Plains 4R Fertilizer P Management Symposium (Chair: Joel Peru)
  • 2020 “Cutting through the BS (Biological Stress): Understanding the insects, pathogens, and weeds pestering crop production” (Chair: Melissa Arcand)
  • 2021 The ABC's of Abiotic Stress (Chair: Sara Lemmerich)
  • 2022: Small Grains, Big Gains (Chair: Megan House)