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Crop Development Centre

The Crop Development Centre (CDC) is a field crop research organization within the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan. CDC scientists integrate basic research with genetic improvement of spring wheat, durum, canaryseed, barley, oat, flax, field pea, lentil, chickpea, fababean and dry bean.

Room 4D36, Agriculture Building, 51 Campus Drive

Variety Licensing

The Crop Development Centre has delivered over 500 new varieties to our farmers, since 1971. In February of each year, the CDC submits our newest material for evaluation within a Variety Registration process. Some of these new varieties are available for licensing in March, through a variety tendering process. If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a new CDC variety, select the more info button below.

More About the CDC

The Crop Development Centre (CDC) was established in 1971 with a mandate to improve economic returns for farmers and the agriculture industry of western Canada by improving existing crops, creating new uses for traditional crops, and developing new crops.

Focusing on plant breeding and pathology, CDC scientists deploy the latest scientific advances to improve the agronomic and end-use performances of spring wheat, durum, canaryseed, barley oat, flax, pea, lentil, chickpea, dry bean, fababean and soybean.  The CDC has released over 500 commercial varieties in over 40 different crop types, a remarkable achievement in almost 50 years from a dedicated group of men and women with a strong commitment to the CDC mandate!  The CDC is intimately linked to the successful diversification of crop production in Saskatchewan, and it is a recognized name on Saskatchewan farms.

The CDC is fully integrated into the Department of Plant Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, enabling unique access to the pertinent scientific and technical disciplines and resources required to develop crops for food and feed.  CDC scientists also collaborate with several partners from public and private organizations in Canada and internationally, leveraging additional technical and financial resources to advance their research.

The CDC's research efforts and achievements have been made possible by the ongoing strategic and operational financial support from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture since 1971.  The CDC is also grateful to the farmers of Saskatchewan for their ongoing financial support for the development of various crop kinds.  Collaboration with private sector entities has also enabled the CDC to access proprietary technology and to develop crops with value-added traits.  Private sector entities also market CDC varieties and provide royalties that are reinvested into the research programs.

CDC Mission

The CDC mission is to “develop crop varieties that bring value to the agriculture sector, through the development and application of scientific knowledge and technologies, in partnership with stakeholders across the agriculture value chain”.

 The CDC Values:

  • The highest standards of competency, dedication, professionalism and respect
  • Strong reputation for successful collaborations and integrity
    • Commitment to mutually beneficial partnerships with the agricultural sector
    • Respect for highly-trained and skilled staff and students

CDC Vision

The CDC vision for 2040 is to be “a world-class crop improvement Centre that delivers crop genetics for society”.

CDC Scientists

  • develop improved crop varieties for farmers and end users
  • develop germplasm for use and exchange with breeding institutions
  • develop new crop kinds and management practices
  • pursue state-of-the-art scientific technologies to remain at the top of the game
  • work in partnership with the public and private sectors
  • supervise and train graduate students from around the globe
  • provide leadership for agriculture in Saskatchewan
  • work nationally and internationally to better Agriculture

Celebrating 50 Years (1971-2021)

The Crop Development Centre will turn 50 years old in 2021. In a six part series written by freelance writer Kathy Fitzpatrick, we look back at the story of how the centre came to be and some of the successes it has seen over the past 5 decades.

Contacts and Mailing Address


Dr. Curtis Pozniak, Director
(306) 966-5855

Marissa Janssen, Manager
(306) 966-4999

Dave Benallack, Breeder Seed Facility Manager
Room 1, BSB
(306) 931-9299
Fax: (306) 955-1338

Mailing Address

Crop Development Centre
University of Saskatchewan
College of Agriculture and Bioresources
Room 4D36, Agriculture Building

51 Campus Drive
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