AgBio Research Day

A day of networking and research dissemination for our students and faculty.

On March 17, 2017, the College of Agriculture and Bioresources hosted its first AgBio Research Day. It was a celebration of the research endeavors of AgBio undergraduate and graduate students, as well as of our faculty and staff. The day provided updates on a diverse range of agricultural and biotechnology research topics.

Check back for upcoming information on our 2019 Research Day!

Student Awards

Oral pres winner_Xu

Best Student Oral Presentation

Renbo Xu for her presentation Evaluation of physico-chemical and functional properties of yellow pea and red lentil and their suitability in enhancing meat-based products.


Best Student Poster - 1st Place

Philippa Williams, Jessica Goddard and Rozlin Holoboff for their poster Determining habitat selection of polar bear day beds.
Download the poster


Best Student Poster - 2nd Place

Akshaya Vasudevan for her poster Genomic and phenotypic characterization of early flowering (Epi) mutants derived from 5-Azacytidine treated flax cultivar 'Royal'.
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