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Deadline to apply: April 23, 2021

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The Kanawayihetaytan Askiy (KA) certificate is a program focused on providing a broad range of topic areas specific to the management of lands and resources. The program examines basic environmental, legal and economic aspects of land and resource management in Aboriginal communities. Students will have an opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal rights, strategic planning, land use planning, traditional knowledge, resource management, intellectual property law and project management. 

This certificate was designed to benefit:

  • Land managers
  • Land and economic development staff
  • Executive and leadership (chief and council)
  • Urban and rural youth
  • Federal and provincial government staff
  • Individuals interested in working with Aboriginal communities

The program has over 200 graduates since inception, with students attending from every corner of Canada. The unique delivery model accommodates students offering a blended learning format to accommodate the professional work lives of the students. Students will be expected to travel to Saskatoon, at their own expense, three (3) times a year (May, July, January). In addition, students will be provided with a take home final exam to work on while they are back in their home communities for the duration of the course.

Once you have completed the certificate program, graduates are eligible to pursue additional learning opportunities for further development:

  • College of Agriculture and Bioresources: Diploma in Aboriginal Resource Management
  • College of Agriculture and Bioresources Diploma in Aboriginal Lands Governance 

The Kanawayihetaytan Askiy certificate satisfies post-secondary, level-one requirements of the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA): Professional Lands Management Certification Program (PLMCP), Level Two: Technical Training. Inquiries about PLMCP should be directed to NALMA.


Course descriptions and information is available in the course catalogue.

Upon completion of the program, all students have completed a research poster. See some examples representing Canada coast-to-coast!

2021-2022 Kanawayihetaytan Askiy Yearly Schedule

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To find what your tuition fees would be per course, type "ASKI" into the the "course name" search box at: https://students.usask.ca/money/tuition-fees/undergraduate-tuition.php

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