2016 Mycotoxin Workshop, with Poultry Euthanasia Training

Weather conditions this year have produced an ideal environment for mold growth and mycotoxin contamination of crops and feed ingredients. On November 1st, technical experts from the University of Saskatchewan discussed mycotoxins and their impact on poultry health and production. The workshop agenda and mycotoxin presentations are available below:

2016 Mycotoxin Workshop agenda

Dr. Rex Newkirk - Mycotoxins in Saskatchewan Feed Grains

Dr. Natacha Hogan - Mycotoxins and Poultry Health

Vanessa Cowan - Ergot Contamination of Poultry Feed

Dr. Stephanie Derbawka - Do Your Chickens have Mycotoxicosis?

2016 Aviagen Broiler Breeder Meeting


Aviagen hosted a broiler breeder meeting for Saskatchewan producers on July 7th in Saskatoon. Technical talks tackled the following topics: genetics, nutrition, post-cocci vaccination management, bird mortality and maximizing fertility. The meeting agenda and several of the presentations are available by clicking the following links:

2016 Aviagen broiler breeder meeting agenda

Dr. John Halley - Breeder Nutrition for Modern Broiler Breeders

Dr. Rodrigo Espinosa - Troubleshooting Hen Mortality

Mark Belanger - Maximizing Breeder Fertility

2015 Creepy Crawler Workshop


The Creepy Crawler Workshop was held on November 3, 2015, at the the Ramada Hotel in Saskatoon. Entomologist and invited speaker, Dr. Maxcy P. Nolan III from NIPCAM Group in Georgia, discussed Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The agenda included an overview of IPM and zone management, facility pests such as beetles, flies and bed bugs, and rodents. Details from his comprehensive presentation are included in the following presentation notes.

Creepy Crawler presentation notes - Part 1

Creepy Crawler presentation notes - Part 2

2014 Barn Moisture Workshop


Excessive barn moisture and ammonia levels are a concern for the poultry industry, particularly in areas with extended and severe winters such as Saskatchewan. This workshop addressed the impacts of barn moisture on poultry production and offered solutions for proper cold weather ventilation. Speakers included Dr. Hank Classen, Dr. Jenny Fricke and Jocelyn Fournier, as well as two invited speakers. Dr. Mike Czarick from the University of Georgia discussed engineering associated with barn ventialtion and dehumidification, and Stefan Bazelmans from Agro Supply addressed climate improvement with heat exchangers. Presentations from several of the workshop speakers are available below.

Dr. Hank Classen

Water and ammonia, factors influencing barn levels

Dr. Jenny Fricke 

Moisture effects on bird productivity and health

Jocelyn Fournier

The economics of maintaining barn moisture

Dr. Mike Czarick, University of Georgia

Stefan Bazelmans, Agro Supply