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Empowering Canadian Youth for the

Jobs of Tomorrow

What We Do

The RBC Learn to Work, Work to Learn program will help students develop necessary skills to enter the workforce and enhance opportunities to advance in their career. With a primary focus on developing skills in networking, communication, negotiation, professionalism and critical thinking; students will be given the opportunity to network and gain insight from employers in their industry of interest. The College of Agriculture and Bioresources will provide a skills-focused learning course for students before, during and after summer work experience under the shared guidance of industry mentors and faculty facilitators. Built around the summer experience and offered throughout the academic year are numerous employment workshops, seminars and industry networking events to enhance student learning through professional practice and direct mentorship.


Why It's Important

A recent survey of AgBio students and employers confirmed that gaps exist between some key skills and knowledge developed in academic programs, and preparedness to apply these to real-world job market situations. For example, students want enhanced skills and knowledge related to marketing, sales, communication, working independently, ethical and professional behaviour. Students want to enhance their ability to present and market themselves to potential employers. They want and need to develop their network with industry leaders. Employers surveyed identified ethical and professional behaviour, leadership and communication skills, particularly in team environments, as highly important and meriting further attention and development. These skills will be a key focus for the RBC Learn to Work, Work to Learn program. The program supports student learning beyond the walls of the university, and provides experiential learning that simply cannot occur in a classroom alone.


How to Participate

The College of AgBio students can participate in experiential learning opportunities through the RBC Learn to Work, Work to Learn program. This program aims to help students develop necessary skills to enter the workforce and enhance their career opportunities. These skills have been identified by our industry partners and the College has developed a variety of ways students can be involved throughout their academic program.

Students in all years can get involved by:


“We are excited to launch this program with the support of our long-time donor RBC. It will help to better prepare students for their careers while responding to the needs of employers. It demonstrates our commitment to provide new and enhanced applied learning experiences for students.”

- Debra Pozega Osburn, Vice-President University Relations