Abstract submission has been extended to July 31 at midnight. In order to submit an abstract, you must register and pay the fees. Abstract submission process will follow your registration procedure. 

Abstracts should be shorter than 250 words, excluding title, names and affiliations.

You will need to specify special fonts (i.e. Greek letters) and faces (e.g., bold or italics) using html tags. The abstracts will be editable until July 25. Editing instructions are included in registration confirmation letters.

Html tags: 
Greek letters: "&Name of letter;" example "α" shows a Greek small letter alpha. 
Italic: "<i>Words in Italic</i>"
Bold: "<b>Words in Bold</b>"
Superscript: "<sup>letters in superscript</sup>"
Subscript: "<sub>letters in subscript</sub>

If you would like to be considered for an oral presentation, please check the box for oral presentation. The program committee will choose 10 students and a few others for oral presentations.