Picture of  Rim Lassoued

Rim Lassoued Professional Research Associate

3E72 - Agriculture Building


Agricultural and Resource Economics

Selected Publications

Smyth J.S. and Lassoued, R. Agriculture R&D Implications of the CJEU’s Genome-Editing Ruling. Trends in Biotechnology. (In press)

Lassoued, R. et al. 2018. Regulatory uncertainty around new breeding techniques. Front. Plant Sci. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2018.01291

Lassoued, R. et al. Top Plant Breeding Techniques for Improving Food Security: An Expert Delphi Survey of the Opportunities and Challenges. International Journal of Biotechnology (Forthcoming)

Lassoued, R. et al. 2015. Consumer Trust in Chicken Brands: A Structural Equation Model. The Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 63(4):621–647

Lassoued, R., Hobbs, J.E. 2015. Consumer Confidence in Credence Attributes: the Role of Brand Trust. Food Policy, 52: 99–107

Lassoued, R. and Giannakas, K. 2010. Economic Effects of the Consumer-Oriented GM Products in Markets with a Labeling Regime. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 61(3), 499–526