Conference Planning

Conference planning is a combined effort of the members of the Department of Soil Science and the CSSS-CSAFM. General planning is overseen by the Conference Steering Committee (CSC), which consists of designated representatives of the CSSS-CSAFM and faculty from the Department of Soil Science.

Conference Planning Committee Co-Chairs

Angela Bedard-Haughn (angela.bedard-haughn[at] and Ken Van Rees (ken.vanrees[at]

Graduate Student Event Planning Committee

Steven mamet (steven.mamet[at], Laura McFarlan (laura.mcfarlan[at], and Gazali Issah (isg840[at]


Soil Judging Contest Planning Committee

Tom Yates (tom.yates[at] and Rich Farrell (r.farrell[at]

Program Committee Chair

Katherine Stewart (katherine.stewart[at]

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Steven Mamet (steven.mamet[at]