Full Registration Fees include:  Haskap Workshop and all Symposia, all refreshment breaks, Thursday social mixer and poster session, Friday and Saturday lunch, Friday evening banquet at Benchmark Restaurant (https://www.ncbenchmark.ca/) at the Niagara College winery (including pre-banquet inside tour of the Butterfly Conservatory, Banquet winery tour and wine tasting, and brewery tour), hot breakfasts (Fri - Sat). Abstracts are included in your full registration fees.

Full Registration Fees (Final deadline, September 20):

Student member (post-earlybird) $390; Student non-member (post-earlybird) $450;

Regular Member (post-earlybird):$475, Regular non-member (post-earlybird):  $550.

DAY RATES (FINAL deadline, September 20):  

Day rate Price does NOT include the banquet.  Depending upon the day, price includes any workshop or symposia scheduled for that day, Thursday social mixer and poster session, Friday or Saturday lunch, all refreshment breaks each day.  LIMITED NUMBERS OF DAY REGISTRATIONS--REGISTER EARLY!

$80.00 for CSHS student members; $120 for non-CSHS students. Note: special student group rates available for 15 or more.  Check with the organizers.

$160 for regular CSHS members; $160 Canadian Greenhouse Delegates; $250 for non-CSHS members.

Half day SATURDAY Postharvest Symposium ONLY:  $50 CSHS student members; $75 non-CSHS students; $100 regular CSHS members; $100 Canadian Greenhouse Delegates; $150 non-CSHS members.

Haskap Workshop (already included in Full Registrations and Thursday Day Registration).  If purchased separately: 

Up to the September 20 deadline: $150 


We use CCDE.com for the registration of this conference. The link to the registration form is ENTER HYPERLINK or CLICK green REGISTER NOW button on the homepage.

Please consult the conference webpage for updated information http://agbio.usask.ca/cshs2018/

Optional Registrations:

PRE-CONFERENCE TOUR ($65 per person, includes box lunch, Deadline for registration:  September 20)

Thursday October 4, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Meet at 8:00 am sharp in the lobby of the Marriott on the Falls hotel (https://www.marriottonthefalls.com/).

Tour will take an in-depth visit to the following three horticultural enterprises:

St. David’s Hydroponics Vegetable Greenhouses

Tour guide: Maarty Hendriksen

St. David’s Hydroponics is a very large and modern greenhouse vegetable operation. The operation consists of 4 blocks of about 7 ha each of glass greenhouses. The greenhouses are ‘Venlo’ style greenhouses covered with single glass panes. They grow sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and egg plants. The latter crop is at another location. The crops are grown on rockwool substrate on hanging gutters, which can be used for recirculation of the nutrient solution. Biological control is the main technique of pest control. They do their own packaging and sell to both local as well as US customers.

CannTrust Cannabis Greenhouse Operation

Tour  guide: Dr. Michael Ravensdale

CannTrust is a federally regulated licensed cannabis producer. The original location is in Vaughan, Ontario. The location, which you will visit is a 30,000+ m2 greenhouse operation. The greenhouse operation was used originally for pot plant production and have been transformed  during  the past year into a very modern greenhouse operation. Plants are grown on movable containers, which can be moved from the propagation area, to the growing-on area (vegetative stage) and finally to the generative stage. The containers have wheels so these can be moved from area to the next on (heating) pipes. Most greenhouses are equipped with HPS lamps to supplement natural lights. Plants are harvested and the flower buds are graded on site before the buds are moved to Vaughan for distribution to customers. The onsite laboratory is used for testing and research on the medical use of cannabis.

Sunnydale Farms, Orchard and Packinghouse

In 2013, Sunnydale Farms implemented a state of the art forced-air cooling system which addresses the importance of rapid cooling of produce from the fields. The design pairs a high capacity cooling room with serpentine-style cooling of produce in stacked bins. The bins are placed against a plenum wall with 6 bays, whereby cold air is pulled through them. Ideally this system can cool 36 500 lb MacroBins of peaches, nectarines or pears down to a temperature of 35-38°F in only 3 hours. The project took two years of planning and involved a lot of research and professional opinion in order to design a system using best available technologies. It can get quite cold in there, so be sure to bring a warm sweater!

Seating is limited---book early!

Addtional Banquet Ticket:

$135 per person (deadline for purchase:  September 20, seating is limited, book early! Includes pre-banquet inside tour of the Butterfly Conservatory, winery tour and tasting, brewery tour, banquet, transportation between the Marriott on the Falls and Benchmark Restaurant).

Registration Desk: