A message from Chair of the CAOCS

Through the “Canadian Lipid and Bioresource Conference” the CAOCS provides a platform for the exchange of credible, research and science based information for the Oils and fats industry at large, in Canada as well as internationally.

It is forum for influencers, researchers, academia, technology suppliers, government and processors to meet in a setting that we hope helps advance the adoption of knowledge and technology for improvements for the betterment of the entire oils and fats industry and consumers.

The CAOCS endeavours to hold a Canadian conference every two years, alternating between West and East to allow students, researchers and industry personnel to benefit from this opportunity to showcase innovation and to network with industry experts.

Saskatchewan is home to a number of sunflower and Canola marketing and processing companies delivering their products worldwide and Saskatoon is home base for many related companies and researchers in the industry.  

I want to welcome you to this premier conference. Listen to our world renowned plenary speakers and attend the technical programme covering eight themes from Oilseeds Crop, Lipid Biotechnology, Nutrition, Bioresources and New and Emerging trends.  Take advantage of the informative excursions planned and take the opportunity to meet with delegates, sponsors and attendees during the mixer.

We have created a platform for sharing and collaboration that will help innovation and advancement.

I would like to thank the outstanding professionals who have worked tirelessly to put together the programme and bring you this conference.

Farah Skold

Chair, the CAOCS

A message from the conference Chair

Dear the CLBC2018 Delegates,

Welcome to Saskatoon for the Canadian Lipid & Bioresource Conferences 2018 (CLBC2018) to be held on Sept 9-11, a unique scientific gathering with international perspective and Canadian focus on lipids and co-products. Canada is the birth place of canola, a new oilseed crop with low erucic acid and low glucosinolates, and the largest global producer of canola. Canada is also one of the major producers of vegetable oils from flax, mustard, hemp, sunflower and soybean in the world. These vegetable oils and their co-products are now widely used for human food, and animal feed as well as industrial products such as biopolymers, biofuels, lubricants, cosmetics, and etc.

We are grateful for your participation in the conference from across Canada and around the world. Your attendance makes the CLBC2018 a truly international meeting in lipid and bioresource sciences. We are highly appreciative to our sponsors whose generous supports make this scientific event possible and help us bring you here.

Our world is facing many challenges, such as air pollution, soil contamination, water deficiency, and food quality and security due to increased human activity along with the growing consumption of petroleum, a finite non-renewable natural resource. Lipids from biological resources with chemical structure similar to petroleum provide one of the most promising solutions to these challenges. In addition, lipids are also essential nutrients of all living species.  With the increased recognition of the health benefits of lipids, demand is growing for healthier oil with better fatty acid composition and stereo-specific structure. To meet these needs, lipid research community and industry as well as other stakeholders have to sit together, work collaboratively and exchange ideas frequently. This is why we are here and this is what we are going to do in the conference.

Following current advances in the field, our scientific program offers several exciting themes and hot topics ranging from oilseed crop genetics and breeding, plant and microbial lipid biosynthesis and biotechnology, and lipid nutrition in humans and animals to physiochemical properties of oils, proteins and cannabis, industrial oil and bioresource processing and new trends in oleochemicals and biofuels.

We hope that you will enjoy the conference, and have some relaxed time in Saskatoon.

Xiao Qiu

Chair, the CLBC2018